19 March 2020


This is all becoming a bit heavy isn't it. Everything is a little scary, it's playing a huge part on peoples mental health too.
We're about to find schools closed to those who don't have key jobs and we're finding people out of work, off sick and people are genuinely struggling. Life in 2020 isn't as we know it. It's scary, different and full of unknowns.

We're due to move house in a just over a weeks time so i'm stressing out like crazy!! Will we be able to move on time or wont we, will we be financially messed up, possibly. My mental health has reached the bottom, I am broken, I am low and I am officially struggling in so many ways.
It's been a long time coming this break down but I don't want to talk about it too much publicly.

A week ago we were on an adventure, finding Daffodils and enjoying everything whereas now we're trying to find pasta, toilet roll and rice. We're watching everyone panic buy and everything is crazy. Everyones worried and theres a select few sharing fake news and adding to the scaremongering.

How are you all feeling? This is just a check in post as I haven't posted since December. I have had the joy sucked out of me for a long time now and i've cracked.

Anyway, we're all struggling and some are just struggling a little more and we need to continue being kind, supporting and checking in.

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