6 November 2019


Christmas is coming and toy reviews are here! I don't know about you but I am so uninspired when it comes to buying for the kids! I could easily buy for Iris but I have absolutely no idea on what to buy Lucas and Rufus. So, I am currently using toy reviews as my go to!
We were sent the hatchimals colleggtibles egg which retails for £12.99 and Iris loved it, she's quietly playing with them whilst I type this, which is a miracle!

There's a few different goodies in this egg and different sections! The first part Iris went for was the three little sections with a "peeling tabs" which when you open them you will find a three little accessories! Iris got a pair of sunglasses, a snorkel and a cocktail which is really cute.

The middle section has the play-set backdrop and stickers! Iris' was a beachy style scene which was really cute! It is super easy to put together too! This is a slight flimsy material and probably won't last long but it's cute whilst it lasts.

Finally, the most exciting part is opening the hearts and cracking open the egg to find the hatchimal characters! Iris got two blues ones and a pink one! She said they were "really cute Mum" which is lovely! She's currently playing really nicely with them and making them talk to each other, making them swim and is just playing really sweetly which is a rarity for Iris.

I think these are a really nice idea but I am not entirely sure I'd continue collecting them. Iris has an obsession with another brand of toys which already costs us a lot of money and Lucas isn't that interested in these kind of toys and Rufus is too little but if you're not already collecting something then this is the perfect starter pack and a great stocking filler too!

 *This is a collaboration with Hatchimals but all words and pictures are my own and honest*

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