5 November 2019


Iris has turned three! I have been AWOL for weeks, months even! I have struggled to balance a practically full time job and self employment but I will get there! I also had my MacBook break too so I've been battling with getting a new one, making new presets, etc... it has all just been a bit chaotic here! Anyway, the point of this post is that on October 22nd, Iris turned three and she had a very small scale Princess party! One of her best friends was poorly but she had her other best friends and it was lovely! So here is some photos! 

Cookies: The Cookie Queen Southampton
Cake: My Mum
Dresses: Ebay (Anna, Rapunzel & Aurora) | Disney Store (Elsa)
Bunting: Ginger Ray
Cups, plates, straws & napkins: Ginger Ray
IRIS balloons: Amazon

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