7 November 2019


WOW! November, that's come around quick! My baby is one in less than a month too! Life has been so crazy since August and I cannot believe how mad it has been! I went back to work on September 2nd, Lucas went back to school on the 3rd! We then headed to Bluestone for a week on the 9th and then Iris started Pre-School! We then had family down, went to Blog on, then Iris turned 3, Halloween happened and well now we're here. In between that I have been working a minimum of 28 hours a week and also doing a few bits and pieces at home. 

That's just for starters, that doesn't include the mayhem at home. My MacBook broke, so I took it apart and fixed it by replacing the battery and then a few weeks later the hard drive broke too which I cannot fix myself and I lost EVERYTHING on it! Which is soul destroying! Thankfully I had a lot of the images on memory cards still but that has meant re-editing everything all over again.

Then half term week arrived so that's been manic too trying to make sure they had fun! I also threw two parties in two weeks too! CRAZY

Lucas is reading more now and is doing amazing! He's completing his reading tasks of at least 20 books a month and smashing it! He's been having nightmares and is suffering with anxiety around death and being scared, but he's working with the school and has "Wilbert Wishes" by his bed to help him when he feels scared and Wilbert helps eat his bad dreams which is super lovely!
Lucas is doing really well, he just drives me nuts with his early mornings and ruining his clothes by stretching the or eating them but he's a lovely little boy so minor.

Iris is at pre-school now! She's just turned three and she's such a chatterbox! She's so loving but it still an absolute weirdo where she will grab your face and grit her teeth all whilst saying "I LOVE YOU" cause she's an absolute weirdo! haha. She's becoming such a wonderful little best friend to me and I love spending time with her

Rufus, oh, tiny Roo! He is nearly one and he's been walking for about a month now! He was just over ten months old when he started walking, which is crazy for me as Lucas was 16 months old and Iris was 12 and a half months old.
He's saying words too. He says Mum, Dad, What and it sounds like he says Brother at times too but it's like a sound instead of the word but he says the sound whilst looking at Lucas so we're not sure!
Clever little sausage.

Overall, I am busy, busy, busy and trying to catch up with life and get everything back together so wish me luck! Haha.

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