28 November 2019


I'd like to thank Emily for letting me use her images to chuck my preset on for this blog post because a certain blogger and photographer forgot her camera as she rushed out the door to work that Morning, so thank you Em! 

Anyway, last week I headed to Wahaca with nine other bloggers to Wahaca for a blogger event to celebrate day of the dead and try their menu which as a newbie to Wahaca and it's food I was very excited about.

I arrived and met Emily and Alice and we headed together. The company was amazing and everyone there were people either I'd met before or people I knew of which was lovely.
Wahaca staff had set up a lovely table full of day of the dead decor and made us feel incredibly welcome.

We were welcomed by Margaritas made by ourselves (I had a mockolada) and the food started arriving!
Margaritas are usually a very firm favourite of mine for tipples! I am a very big lover of tequila and it's my go to when I would like to be a drunky mum, but when you have work early the next morning and you tend to get the Pringle effect I opted for a mocktail.

We were first brought out Chips and guacamole and I hate avocado, I just don't get the hype but guac? Guac can stay because that is all avocados should ever be used for! How blooming delightful is guacamole! (just ask the guacamole woman - she knows)

Next up was Pork Pibil tacos and they were amazing. I get quite freaked out by spicy food but actually when it's this tasty, I can cope for sure. I just loved the soft taco and the pork was so tender it practically melted in your mouth.
The next up was the plantain tacos which was a really new one for me and something I'd never thought of eating before, would never have ordered off the menu but was weirdly satisfying and I didn't hate it. I didn't love it but I certainly didn't hate it and it's definitely something I would order again. I am a huge sweet and savoury girl and the plantain really does deliver that to your taste buds!

Throughout the night we also tried numerous other dishes

Chargrilled chicken and avocado tacos! - Once again, avocado was definitely enjoyable, maybe not as much as when eaten with the chips but definitely a close second!

Sweet Potato and Feta Taquito - Not my favourite of the night and I probably wouldn't order it if I went again but I am usually a very fussy eater.

Fish Tacos - Which I personally didn't try but the girls who did LOVED them! I am pretty certain they were some of the girls favourites from the night.

Chicken Quesadilla - Now, Oh, My... This was my most favourite dish of the night and as I type this I am now desperate to eat one! Goodness me. Emily ordered this and told me to try one and it did not disappoint at all! So good. Would eat again, would eat again a million times. - Thanks Emmy!

Churros - Now I love churros and to hear they tend to eat them for breakfast in Mexico is a tradition I could get on board with and adapt that's for sure! The chocolate was very dark and rich and my husband would have loved it but for me I just enjoyed the churro on its own!

Wahaca is somewhere I was completely new to and knew nothing about when I arrived but I left knowing so much about the brand and the staff on the night hosting, Rafa & Aj, were so knowledgeable and passionate about the company they work for it was refreshing and amazing. To see two people truly enjoy their job, show no dislike or frustration was amazing and it makes a huge difference to the service. They were so clued up on so many small details about the company which was founded by Thomasina and Mark and Thomasina actually participated in Masterchef and won has opened numerous restaurants and puts her heart and soul into every single one. She travels back to Mexico to continue to learn new things and it really shows.

The night was amazing, the atmosphere was lovely, the company was wonderful and the staff and food was out of this world kinda good!

So a MASSIVE thank you to Wahaca, Aj, Rafa and Southampton Bloggers for hosting a great night!

*Food and Drinks were all complimentary for the evening in return for an honest blog post, all words are my own and all images are Emmy's*

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