28 November 2019


I have just found this sitting in my drafts folder and I can't believe I have never posted this!
This was one of my most magical parts to our trip in March and I can't leave this sat in drafts any longer really.
My memory is a little blurry surrounding this now but I can't wait to jog my memory!

On the third day it was a little chilly and we headed to the park early, we rode a few rides and a few we hadn't rode before Peter Pan's flight was one of them. We were wandering around, soaking uptake magic before we decided to head back to the hotel for lunch (big mistake as they are not open for lunch) This sparked us to see if we could get a reservation at Mickey's cafe for dinner. We were offered a 10pm time and took it but weren't sure the littles would make that!
We then asked about lunch and was told that we could have a reservation at inventions at 12:15 and it was 12pm! So we've never ran so fast from the hotel and Starbucks to the DISNEYLAND HOTEL! to go to inventions for lunch!

We arrived in time and a hotel worker took us up in the lift and showed us to the restaurant which smells and looks amazing, the whole hotel does! honestly. I even purchased a Disneyland Hotel scented room spray for the house because I just adore the smell.

We walked in to the most beautiful and a five star food Buffett and surrounded by characters! We had done the princess breakfast and character breakfast in the week but this is such an amazing and different experience. The littles faces were honestly heart melting, I will NEVER forget the excitement and awe on Lucas and Iris' faces, it was honestly the best moment of the whole trip and made it worth every penny.

They met Mickey Mouse again, Goofy, Dale (Chip accidentally missed us) and FINALLY Minnie Mouse! We've been trying to meet Minnie for years but have always missed her or had ridiculously long lines!
The food was out of this world! Brad tried oysters too! I cannot express how good the food was. I just want to live off smoked salmon for life!

The character experience was just beyond amazing, I am typing this up over 8 months later and getting emotional just thinking about it.
Iris was at her roly poly stage and she was dancing the under the sea with Mickey and just roly-polied   and made Mickey laugh, so he got Goofy and they sat at our table with the littles and pretended to eat their food, "chatted" with them and even pulled up chairs to really sit with us! The sound of the giggles will make me smile for life, it was so special.

Mickey then disappeared off and came back with Minnie to show her Iris and the video footage is amazing, I am so glad I have that. Mickey, Minnie and Goofy must have spent a good 30-40 minutes dancing and playing with Lucas and Iris and even cuddled Rufus too!

This was my absolute favourite part of the trip and as I've repeatedly said I truly won't forget how special we were made to feel that day!

We headed to Main Street for the parade in the rain afterwards and I just took in the surroundings! How beautiful the buildings are, the attention to detail is just amazing! I have been 3 times before but I'd never taken photos before.

We finished our final full day with rides, parades, splashing in puddles, singing and dancing, a nice hot drink, a heart full and a head full of memories!


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