6 April 2019


*This is a Collaborative Post with Vertbaudet! The items were gifted for review. All words and images are honest and my own.*

For years i've admired Vertbaudet, Lucas' first ever coat came from there. It was a cute white, wooly coat and it was my favourite. I have been slowly buying Iris and Lucas and of course Rufus' summer clothes in dribs and drabs to spread the cost so when Vertbaudet asked to work together I jumped at the chance as their clothes are not only beautiful but wash well too. Iris needed more bits than Lucas and Rufus so there are more Girl items in this but thats because I did a huge Summer sale shop for Rufus after he was born and Lucas is at school a lot so apart from a few pairs of shorts needed he's pretty set as I'd already got him a multipack of basic tees, some jelly shoes and a summer hat a few months ago and he's so small he's still fitting last years bits and bobs too.

I R I S '  O U T F I T S

Iris is so easy to buy for as she pulls off basically most outfits! I wanted a few light weight jumpsuits for her as she loves playing in the park but sometimes if she's not in tights she's flashing her bloomers and scraping her knees easily so
I can't actually choose a favourite because the stripy one is so pretty and it doesn't show up in the look book video or in photos very easily but it has little silver glitter going through it which is gorgeous. It's so easy to wear and Iris loves it. The stripy one is perfect for chucking some chunky boots with or even some sandals or jelly shoes with! I roll up the bottoms of most things because I like the look of it but also because all three of my children have short arms and legs! I'm always rolling up trousers and sleeves.
It's also got a really handy popper section on the bum and for a child still in nappies this is so handy!

The floral one is also super pretty and comes with this matching headband which is gorgeous. Iris hasn't worn a headband in ages, since she started growing hair really and it's just so cute. I also love the colours in it. This one doesn't have the popper section on the bum area but it's so lightweight it's easy to pull up and down.

Yellow is probably my favourite colour and it's such a bright colourful, colour! So I had to get Iris a couple of yellow dresses. I love the first one with the ruffles because this will be lovely for a nice occasion and also with some chunky boots, a leather jacket and a head tie for a walk in the park too. This was one I was unsure about when I was ordering it as Iris has had a ruffle sleeves style dress before and she looked a little swallowed by the dress but I loved how nice it looked on the model and actually I love it a lot! Iris really does look lovely in it. 

The other yellowy dress is one that will also look nice in the Autumn months too. It's also got slight Ruffle style sleeves but has the nice embroidery design on the front too. It's a jersey dress so it's super easy to throw on and will wear well. It's a nice basic dress but with an extra pretty design on too.

The final item for Iris was this beautiful floral, pink pinafore! I have put on a basic pink tee underneath but Iris also has a super cute white shirt that would look lovely underneath this too!
This another dress up or dress down outfit too! Iris wanted these bunny ears on for the pictures! Which is cute.

Before I show you Lucas and Rufus' bits heres a video link for Iris' lookbook.

L U C A S '  O U T F I T S

I picked up two pairs of shorts for Lucas as it was all he really needs for Summer and I just love these ones. I love the subtle prints on them, nice to throw on with some plain basic tees! 

The beige pair have cute little animals on! It's a really sweet jungle theme and I just love it. They're so easy for him to throw on and they have an adjustable waist too and that is a must have for most clothes for Lucas as he is so incredibly slim like his Dad! So they just fall down. He's like a size 2years for waist but height wise he's too tall (even if he is the shortest in his class). 

The blue pair are identical to the beige pair and come from the same range. You can also buy orange ones with cacti on them and a khaki pair with palm trees on too. 
The blue pair have sharks on and Lucas LOVES sharks! So once again these are perfect for him and they're really nice and thick and just made really well and as a super fussy Mum when it comes to the littles clothes I like the fact these are fun but not tacky. 

R U F U S '  O U T F I T S

After having Roo we had saved money ready to buy him lots of clothes as we didn't find out what we were having whilst pregnant with him. I knew if he was a girl i'd have wanted to go crazy with dresses but at the same time I also just wanted to get a look at him (or her) before deciding what style clothing he or she would suit really. So, when he was born a boy I headed straight to the internet for online shopping and went crazy in the boxing day sales too and kitted him out for 0-3 and summer clothes in 3-6 months as he is behind in sizes! Only just going into 0-3 months about 3 weeks ago at 3 months old.
This meant that although I was in awe of so many of the little rompers and outfits, I had to stop myself.

I couldn't resist two items for Rufus though! My favourite being this gorgeous green romper! I have already purchased Roo about 3 or 4 rompers for Summer with long socks! (cute, totally cute) BUT I had to get this one as I loved the colour and I just think its a lovely one if we have a nice BBQ to go to or something. The colour also brings out the blue in his eyes too.
It's a lovely and thick material and also super soft and well made again. I just love it and the cute button design too.

The final item is one I ordered purely for a super cute photo opportunity. Lucas has a shirt basically identical and he loves matching Rufus so I just had to get it. I have realised I don't love Roo in shirts but the shirt itself is lovely and I am so excited to see Lucas get super excited over the fact they match.
Check out to gorgeous Roo images below!

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