1 April 2019


*This is a review post and opportunity with The Vue cinemas! This is my honest opinion and all words and pictures are my own and not influenced by the brand in any way. I purchased my own snacks at the cinema, only the tickets were gifted*

If you follow me, read my blog or just know me, then you'll know that Brad and I are serious Disney fanatics! We love all things Disney so when I got invited to the Vue in Eastleigh to be treated for Mothers day with my little family to watch Dumbo I couldn't have been more thrilled. I LOVE the cinema and we just don't go enough. The last time I was at the cinema it was to see the greatest showman last February. 

Dumbo was amazing and reminds me of The Greatest Showman meets Disney and throw in a bit of Tim Burtons quirkiness. I loved it, Brad didn't like it weirdly but I don't like him so swings and roundabouts really (Just kidding - So serious)

S P O I L E R S  A B O U T  T H E  F I L M .. 

I loved the ending, I wasn't expecting it and it's so minor but sending them back to the wild was pretty lovely and made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
I also cried at numerous points too and Lucas said he didn't like the fire part, bless him!

I LOVED Eva Green in the film, using her real french accent too as Colette. I also loved that although you got the vibe Colette and Holt were likely a couple at the end it wasn't really a love story. Millie kicking the bum of stereotypes.

The story line is different in most aspects but of course still holds the same "flying elephant" aspects and I am so glad they still used the pink elephant scene, even if it wasn't as "acid trip" as the 1941 classic. I also liked Danny DeVito as the ring master and LOVED him singing along to Casey Jr, yet another iconic part of the original film.

The original film is only 1hour 4minutes long and the fourth ever Disney film so it worked to re-vamp the storyline a little, especially as it was a little outdated in parts with a few now politically incorrect and racist bits.
The new film as I said was a lot more The Greatest Showman and as a HUGE greatest showman fan, this was great for me.
By "the greatest showman" style vibes, I mean the fact it's got the freak show aspects, failing business, big fire, vibes.

Overall, I loved the film, I loved how cute Dumbo was, I loved the fact they were selling proper Dumbo plushes at the circus and I loved the casting.

But, of course in true Disney Style, Millie and Joe Farrier's Mum has died. I suppose with the Death of his Mother after Snow White and the seven dwarves maybe that's why? I don't know! Must have a google.

T H E  C I N E M A 

The cinema itself was wonderful. I honestly was impressed by the customer service and kindness. Everyone seemed like they actually wanted to be there and help you, which as an ex customer service worker can tell you is pretty hard to fake. Everyone was chatty, served me quickly and it was just nice to have staff be friendly and kind.

After getting our tickets and upgrading to V.I.P we purchased some cinema snacks

I always stand by cinema snacks are expensive but the 3 for £11.99 deal was pretty good, a hot dog, popcorn and a drink! You cannot go wrong. We were heading for a dinner after so we opted to not have that but Brad enjoyed some malteasers and minstrels and I enjoyed my usual.
The littles were treat to the snack boxes, a fruit shoot, some popcorn and a sweet treat! Such a good idea and they loved them, makes them feel a little grown up too.
What are you must have cinema trip goodies? Mine are without hesitation tango ice blasts and some salted popcorn, it's my usual! So much salted popcorn your mouth feels as dry as the sahara and as wrinkly as can be.

I like that you can also buy nachos, hotdogs and pick and mix too! The millions station was appealing also. 

We were slightly early so sat and watched some trailers for the new films on the sofa area which was nice and cosy. 
I also asked about where to put prams and you can put them in the side the cinema room.

Once seated we all got ready for the trailers as you do. I used to be a skipper of the trailers, turn up 30 minutes after the showing is meant to start and avoid them but now I like to use this time to set up my area, get comfy and watch the trailers to see all the new exciting films that are coming out.

The screen rooms were big but not too big, maybe it's because i'm bigger now but when I used to go to the cinema as a child I found the screen rooms too big and with too many people and too many seats. It was daunting, whereas these were nice and not too big but big enough. We were sat in V.I.P which for the sake of £2.50 each would say it was so worth upgrading to. They're so spacious, I didn't get a numb bum and it meant I could snuggle Roo throughout the film without feeling claustrophobic.

The screen size was great, "it's a very big screen" as the littles told us. There was no blocked view and the littles didn't even need the booster seats which was a bonus.
They showed an advert for Disneyland Paris too an I got emotional. You know the advert where the duckling is trying to be Donald Duck and then he meets Donald Duck! Makes me emotional anyway but made me miss Disneyland Paris so much!

Overall, I loved my cinema experience and it was such a lovely Mothers Day treat for me. It was just nice to chill out, get immersed in a movie, not have to chase my children around and to also see them become immersed in a film too.

I am so looking forward to my next trip to the Cinema now! Aladdin is next! COME ON MAY!
I can't wait to go back and eat my body weight in salted popcorn, sip on those Ice blasts and enjoy the Big screen entertainment. Thank you for my Mothers day treat Vue and also thank you to my husband and littles for the company.

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