25 March 2019


Brad and I have been absolutely Disney mad for years but put us both together, throw in children and we've gone Disney crazy! Disney is something that Brad and I have in common, we love and our children have grown to love more and more and I'm sure Roo will be exactly the same too. Disney is just magical and happy and after the first 14 weeks of Roo's life being extremely challenging and difficult and to be honest completely miserable and soul destroying for me as well as feeling my heart break every time we went to a weigh in and I was exhausted beyond belief and sore to be told "He's lost weight again" and worrying something was seriously wrong with my baby; we all needed this break! We all needed to spend time together, belly laugh, have no stresses, no where to be, no appointments, no work and just being a family again and falling in love with each other all over again. It worked, we've come back refreshed, happy (minus the Disney blues), content and full of love for each other again and remembering we're a strong family unit that really can get through everything together.

Travelling to Disney on the Monday was AWFUL. I wont even talk about it because it just doesn't deserve the negativity but on the Tuesday Morning we woke up and headed into the Disneyland Park for the first time this trip and our Disney magical experience was a go. This was the most magical trip of all three of ours as a family and I just can't wait to go back again!

We started off the day having Breakfast at Auberge De Cendrillon (which I will talk about in a separate blog post) and it absolutely melted my heart seeing Iris with the Princesses. 
After breakfast we headed back to our room to get some warmer clothing as it got a little chilly all of a sudden and stopped in Starbucks for coffee and then headed into the park!
Once we got back in the park we headed straight to City Hall to get me a birthday badge! My Birthday was on the Friday but we wanted to celebrate on one of the days and I chose Monday!

As we walked out of City Hall we heard the music for Princesses and Pirates starting and we had to stop and watch it and WOW! MOANA IS ON THE PRINCESS FLOAT!!! This made Iris' day as you can imagine. She's currently Princess mad and everything Princess makes her happy! The song to this parade is seriously catchy! I found myself singing "I am a Princess, I am a Pirate" over and over again!

The parade was amazing and although we were team Princesses, i'd be lying if i said that I wasn't impressed by the Pirates! They were flipping and backflipping, it was so cool! The littles loved sitting and watching it all! Iris also enjoyed a bit of a dance, which was so cute!
We waited for a while for the crowds to before heading to take Iris' comparison photos from behind the castle.

It was utterly manic and everyone was watching me like a hawk waiting to do excalibar which made me rush them but I got two cute ones and then Lucas wanted a go at trying to pull the sword out of the stone and although he didn't succeed he tried hard and made everyone laugh who was watching him!!

The Tuesday was one of many days of firsts and we rode Casey Jr and Le pays des contes de Fées we'd never rode either of these before as we had failed to find them... this also led us to Winnie the Pooh too but that comes later in these posts!  I found Le pays des contes de Fées beautiful, the little mini villages were incredible! Going into the cave of wonders, seeing Rapunzel's tower, Prince Eric's castle, everything it's so cute, whilst you're bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea, jokes, you're bobbing along on a little boat and it's just super cute really!

We then enjoyed some food in Restaurant Agrabah!(Another blog post on that too)! 
After a VERY late lunch at 3pm, we decided we wanted to watch Stars on parade that night incase the rain cancelled it later in the week so we headed to it's a small world but first I spotted the cute parade gates and had to go and take some photos! 

It's a small world means a lot to us, I know it's iconic and everyone who goes to Disneyland has to go on its a small world but firstly Rufus' reaction to it's a small world was beyond amazing! *Check out my Disneyland highlights or the vlog HERE to see this* and Iris says "DISNEYLANNNNNND" whenever she sees it on a video, when she here's the song, the ticking or just being on the ride" When we got off she got all teary and said "I want to go back to Disneyland" little cutie. Lucas loves it too, especially the laughing hyena.

After it's a small world we headed to watch Stars on parade and although this is probably our 5th time watching this particular parade but I still love it and know the words to the song too! I just think it's great. My favourite part is the Frozen float as it reminds me of Lucas being obsessed with Frozen and olaf on his first trip and now my Daughter being obsessed on hers too!

I love the parade and day one was just amazing, of course don't think it didn't come with it's hiccups. The moment we first entered the park Iris started whining and crying and grumping and it caused bickering between us all as we were all frustrated as it's meant to be super magical and little ones can ruin that slightly at times. So after the breakfast we headed back to the hotel for warm clothes, a nap for a VERY tired Iris and Roo and then started again and sort of wrote off the Morning and pretended it never happened!
Oh! and we heard "can we go to the shops now to buy a Zurg" from Lucas a MILLIONNNNNNN TIMES! They had no Zurgs, I also did not spend into the thousands on this trip to buy a toy! Haha! love kids!

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