24 April 2019


*We were invited to West Quay to visit the Alice in Wonderland event and then have an afternoon full of bowling and food in return for an honest review! All words and pictures are my own*

Bowling, something I haven't done for absolute years. I am pretty sure the last time I stepped foot in a bowling alley before this day was when I was heavily pregnant with Lucas and sat and watched. I don't know why it's never something i've thought about doing with the littles but when we were invited down by West Quay to spend the day bowling and eating diner food, I jumped at the chance. 

We arrived for 11am and Lucas and Iris were instantly excited! Hollywood bowl is colourful and you're met with arcade machines the minute you enter the building. It took minutes for Lucas and Iris to dart off to the space invaders game. You can buy cards which you top up and I believe they start at £10 but could be £20. This gives you a certain amount of tokens instead of paying for each machine with a pound. The littles had one between them and they played so many games with it. With the Arcade games you also win tickets towards prizes which is always fun for littles (and bigs too).

We played one game of bowling which I think was more than enough when you're playing with a two year old, a nearly five year old and a VERY competitive Daddy... Haha. Iris was really good at rolling the ball down and actually came second which is pretty impressive! Lucas was so desperate to gain a spare he actually gave up with the frame for a go too! After many, many, many tries... Lucas got a spare on his last go! Brad won, he cheated, i'm not a sore loser I swear. I mean... HOW DID TWO UNDER FIVES BEAT ME? HOW?!

What I liked about Hollywood bowl is that you can order food and drink to where you're playing and my favourite part is the bumpers go up and down automatically depending on the player. So, Lucas, Iris and I had bumpers and Brad didn't and every time it switched to him the bumpers took themselves down without us having to do anything. This to me is an incredible feature as Brad doesn't want to play with bumpers and the littles needed them so to not have to have them manually put up and left up for the whole game is brilliant.

We played in the VIP section too which was lovely and cosy and you can upgrade from as little as pound per person!

Brad, Lucas and Iris also get stickers and a certificate too. I'm not sure if these cost extra or not. Brad was well happy with himself and loved rubbing it in my face he won.

Once we'd finished bowling we ordered our food at the bar and sat in the Diner area to eat. Iris and Lucas wanted chicken nuggets, Brad had a hot dog and I had a burger. The portion sizes were great and the food was really tasty. I also noticed they do really nice looking milkshakes too. 
The children's food comes with veg sticks too which I think is a nice touch.

Brad's hot dog looked so nice and I keep thinking about it. It makes my mouth water just looking at it and my burger was also really nice too. 

The food I don't personally think is expensive and if you book online you can book 1 family game (2 adults, 2 children) for £21.89 or £26 for a family of 5 and a family food platter of 2 adult burgers, 2 children's burgers and fries for £19.99 and then add drinks on top if you fancy it. So, you're looking at around £50 for a game of bowling and food for a family of 4/5! Which is obviously what we are but Roo is too small so we're still playing as 4. I like when family packages include families of 5 as having 3 children is quite common nowadays!

We finished off the day with more arcade games, draining our card of its tokens and leaving with two very sleepy, content and happy children (and parents). With the May half term coming up soon it will be the perfect trip out for you and your family! We had so much fun and can't wait to go back and play again! (and eat that hot dog!)

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