10 May 2019


*This was a gifted lunch via a voucher in return for a blog post. All words and images are my own and honest.*

Going out for dinner is something we love doing as a family and trying different foods is something Brad likes doing. We've started working our way around the new West Quay and their new dining places but we hadn't been to Byron yet. Whilst I was in Disney I missed an email inviting us to an event with the release of the Roarsome B-Rex but we were kindly invited to try out the new menu at a later date and we were thrilled as like I said we hadn't been before!

The moment I arrived outside I could see it was instagram friendly. Now, of course the food is the most important part of going out for dinner BUT when the decor is aesthetically pleasing, thats a game changer for me. 
I'm your typical millennial and loving the pink vibes at the moment! Am I even a millennial? Anyway, Byron is so nice with its pink, green and teal interior and its so cute!   

Moving on from the decor, the food and most importantly for the littles, the kids activities.
I hate taking the littles to a restaurant and them getting bored because it's distracting for everyone, including myself. So, keeping them entertained is important. We sometimes resort to Ipad's don't get me wrong but when you go to a restaurant and they offer more than just a crayon pack and a colourable menu, that's a gooden. Byron gave us a little, brown, paper bag filled with bits and bobs for the littles and they were full of some really great bits. This did keep them entertained until their food arrived and then there is always ice cream for pudding too.

They had a little scratch to colour dinosaur each, a dinosaur mask, colouring and stickers! The masks proved for some great entertainment, albeit very noisy. Haha. Playing "quiet Dinosaurs who have lost their voice" was next.
The children's menu is also great and they have a great selection. It is £6.50 and you do pay for desert extra, which I will say I don't particularly like as I do like a small scoop of ice cream included but not all kids meals come with drink option, so you sort of swap desert for a drink with Byron and the amount of food they get is a lot for £6.50. Theres burger options, chicken options, nuggets and a two Vegetarian options, you also pick a side too which includes fries, sweet potato fries, courgetti fries and coleslaw. Thankfully Lucas and Iris have no dietary requirements but Rufus does, so when he weans we will be looking at restaurants that accommodate dairy free diets. I have downloaded the Allergen menu HERE! On the children's menu Rufus could eat the mini burger and fries or sweet potato fries option! They also have a rainbow pip lolly which is vegan for dessert which is great.

Iris opted for Chicken nuggets and Lucas a burger! Which they both had with fries (it comes with veg sticks too) You can see from the photo from below that the portion sizes are generous and Lucas demolished his and half of Iris' chicken nuggets! I like it when you order chicken nuggets and you can see they're well made and not bung in the oven packet you'd buy in a supermarket. Those kind of nuggets are great for home but when you're out for a meal it's nice to see some really nicely made nuggets.

Brad and I both chose a burger, I had the double bacon and Brad had the B-REX which looked AMAZING. I was very jealous over his food choice.
The prices range from £8.95 for a burger and fries and unlike a few competitors your fries come with your food which is a big thing for me.
I was impressed the burger wasn't hideously greasy, you know the kind that when you eat it, you find you have a grease trail over your clothes. I also liked that you can chose how your patty is cooked, Brad's a rare kinda guy and i'm a medium kinda girl, so it's great it's not overly cooked.

We also had deserts! The littles had Ice cream, always ice cream and Brad and I both opted for the Oreo cheesecake! AMAZING. I just love cheesecake.
Brad also tried a salted caramel milkshake and I had a coke float. Coke floats remind me of my Nan so it's a must!

Overall, we really enjoyed our time at Byron and will be back for sure. Lucas has never eaten so much, so it must have been good.
Thanks for having us Byron!


  1. You just cannot beat a good burger - that food looks immense! x

    1. It was amazing! Thank you for your comment Donna! xx


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