1 March 2019


*This product was sent to me for review! All words and pictures are my own*

After school can be so boring for the littles! Some nights we have no homework and now the nights are getting lighter its nice to get them out in the garden and have some fun! So when we were sent the window bird feeder Lucas was so excited to do it with Iris, so after school on Tuesday whilst Daddy mowed the grass, we built the bird feeder! Now we just have to watch and wait.

It's a really nice mirrored design with suckers to keep it attached to the window. The mirrored glass is one sided so we can see out the window and see the birds but they cannot see us! (Please ignore the state of my windows two children who like to touch everything caused that!) It clips together so easily without any screwing together, always a plus!

I googled what to feed to birds and cooked rice and berries was on the list which I had both of so this is a nice natural way and means you also don't have to go out and buy wild bird food. We're lucky and we do get a LOT of birds in our garden as it's like a blooming nature reserve currently; I mean that is a nice description of it. I like that it has a cute little perch for the birds to sit on and I am looking forward to the moment we see our first bird try it out! It hasn't happened just yet.

Lucas and Iris loved helping put the berries in with the rice and Lucas has been asking everyday if he can see any birds yet! Iris has been eagerly eating her breakfast sat next to the feeder and watching out for the birds! It's very, very cute. This is the perfect for outdoorsy children like my two adventurers as they love animals and it's a great activity to do together and then also encourage them to learn from too. There is also a little book included with garden birds to look out for so Lucas is on this already!

You can purchase one HERE for only £12.99!

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