15 February 2019


Another week, another our candid days. Last weekend we decorated cakes as we were all feeling a bit rubbish and didn't fancy going out. Nanny Liz had treated the littles to the ingredients and the ready made cakes and the kids just needed to decorate! With space purple icing, flying saucers and sherbert it was a lot fun.

This was the first time that the littles had done something together and not argued in ages. I am desperate for the littles to get on and little tasks like this are perfect. I taught them to get each other with icing sugar which they did and they absolutely loved it and found it so fun getting each others cheeks and noses and the giggles from them were amazing.

Then when the sugar rush hit it was exhausting to watch and totally my fault! sherbert, icing sugar and flying saucers are basically just sugar! exhausting, I tell ya!

Anyway, not much to say, so enjoy the cute pictures this week!

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