2 March 2019


Bare with me on this, i'm about to go all gender stereotypical BUT I never truly imagined a day like this would become a reality when I was 18 and was told I would unlikely have children AND when I did fall pregnant, looking at family history never expected i'd ever have a Daughter of my own, I was destined to be a boy Mum and I was absolutely okay with that but the day of our scan when they told me I was having a girl I would be lying if I said I wasn't utterly overjoyed at the fact I would be raising a little boy AND a little girl! Now, of course, I could have done a day like this with Lucas and he would have loved it but there is something extremely magical having a Princess obsessed Daughter (all decided by herself too - of course). So, when our besties messaged and said about this amazing afternoon tea at Chilworth manor with the Princess held by the character company IW I just had to book it and it was worth EVERY penny!

When we arrived we were greeted by the Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming outside and they read out everyones names and they announced we were on Elsa's table! We were sat with our besties, Heather, Louise, Kaley and Olivia (and Heather's Sister-in-law Michelle and Olivia's cousin Daisy) The decor was gorgeous, it reminded me of walking into a wedding breakfast. Beautifully set up room, every table's decor themed to a different Princess! From Cinderella to Moana! Our table couldn't have been more perfect for our Frozen fanatics! 

The table had sandwiches, cakes, squash and crisps on. Iris dived straight in and even munched her chocolate favour within seconds; in true Anna style. "What's that smell? CHOCOLATEEEE"

Once everyone was seated the Princesses were introduced and came out and sang a song and did a dance before working their way around the tables to meet every child. This is just like the character dining in Disney itself! I think this is lovely and means the children get to have a photograph and a cuddle and a chat! 



First up was Elsa, which I only snapped on my phone! This was because I was so caught in the moment and will admit hormonal Mum here had a few tears. Elsa came up and said hello to Iris and she just stood wide mouthed, utterly star struck by her and it was that moment that I knew splashing out on this just before our Disneyland trip was worth it. She truly believed this was Elsa, there was no doubt in her mind that she had just met the real Elsa and wow, it was magical. 
The reason I had originally booked this was because of Anna and Elsa, you cannot meet them in Disneyland Paris as far as I know, I have never seen them be met and i've researched a lot and as two of Iris' absolute favourites I knew it would be amazing for her to meet them whilst she's utterly obsessed and like I said, it truly was the best decision. 


She was wonderful, her hair looked amazing and she had a little frying pan with her too which as a huge Disney fan myself found utterly hilarious. Rapunzel is actually Lucas' favourite Princess so he would have loved this part. Iris calls her 'plunzel' which is super cute.


My favourite Princess, it took all my power not to be like "Iris, move over and let Mama have a photo" she was absolutely beautiful, we commented on how beautiful Ariel was. She was really cute and let Iris look at her dinglehopper! (that sounds rude when typed out) haha. For any Non-Disney fans a dinglehopper is a fork but Ariel uses it as a hairbrush. I then had to bribe Iris with the fact i'll make her, her own dinglehopper if she gives it back to Ariel. She held me to that instantly holding up her fork of the table and saying "go on" to me! Sassy Princess to say the least.


Now, I think it's clear from these photos that Iris and Belle had a soft spot for each other! It was so lovely and they had the nicest cuddle. I think Iris remembered this as when they had their group photo later on, Iris ran straight to Belle!


One of Iris' absolutely favourite Princesses is Cinderella, she has an absolutely huge love for the film and is usually found yelling "BIBBIDI BOBBIDI BOO"
By this point Iris had started to get a little excitable and comfortable around the Princesses and had stopped posing for the camera! haha


So, we'd decided to dress Iris up as Anna for the day as she is a huge Anna fan and with her slight gingerness and love of chocolate, she is very much Anna! Olivia had brought along Olaf with her which made a great prop for their photo! Iris became very shy around Anna but she was once again pretty star struck! She later on became VERY attached to Anna whilst they danced and sang to some of their favourite Disney Princess songs and she spent the whole of let it go dancing with Anna and holding her hand! (See the vlog linked below to see that in all it's cuteness)

Once all the children had met the Princesses and eaten and I'd drank about four coffees thanks to a certain newborn Prince keeping me up the night before they called everyone table by table to get their group picture taken with the Princesses, this was printed and given on the day which is a cute keepsake for Iris. It was in a standard frame but i'm going to change it to a Disney frame I have and put it on Iris' new shelves that we're getting put up in the next couple of months! 

Then once they had that done, they went to see the Fairy GodMother again and got crowned with a beautifully silver tiara which they could take home and given a tangled book too. Now, when we booked we knew we'd be getting a tiara to take home and I expected a plastic poundland type of tiara considering we had paid quite a lot at £20 for me and £20 for Iris but actually it was a beautiful, i'm guessing sterling silver headband style tiara, I don't know but it's an incredibly good quality and will also be a lovely addition on Iris' shelves and the book was an unexpected extra and was lovely!

Once every table was done, the girls were all treated to a performance from all the Princesses which led to some of them slowly working their way forward, shuffling subtly before getting up and dancing with the Princesses to "for the first time in forever" and "let it go" as well as a couple of others and like I mentioned before Iris was absolutely in awe of Anna and danced lovely with her and her two little besties too! 

I cannot express to you all how wonderful the day was, how utterly beautiful it was and how much Iris enjoyed it and how much I adored seeing Iris enjoy it. I can't wait to do it all again in Disneyland in NINE days and then once again in the future with The character company IW! 

You can buy Iris' dress HERE on Amazon and don't forget to watch the vlog too! 

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