9 March 2019


One year ago I was packing for Edinburgh, a Birthday getaway, a mini moon just the two of us and little did we know that we'd be coming back pregnant! I still find it crazy and although unexpected, we truly wouldn't change a thing! SO, when I was thinking about future Disneyland Paris trips, I never ever expected to be packing for a three month old baby. When I was pregnant we kept our surprise baby's gender a surprise so when buying Christmas presents for this baby, we had no idea whether we'd be having another Disney princess like Iris or another Disney superhero like Lucas. I had to sort out the Christmas presents from Father Christmas as Lucas kept asking what Father Christmas was going to be buying for the baby. So, we went with costumes for Disney just like what him and Iris had asked Father Christmas for. 

Anyway, this all has a point, we dress the littles in costumes for Disney so I thought i'd show you what we we're packing for them for Disney and starting it off is what we're packing for our little Roo! (Nickname is 1000000% inspired by Roo from Winnie the Pooh)

I'll start with the boring stuff and get it out of the way, obviously we'll be packing nappies, wipes and his medication (he's on Omeprazole for GORD) and although we were breastfeeding, sadly his GORD is making this near on impossible and he wasn't gaining weight and absorbing what he needed and he's dropped his breastfeeds to two a day and is now on formula but his GORD has caused a sensitivity to dairy, so he's prescribed nutramigen milk.


The reason i'm including this is because this could help some of you when travelling with babies. I have asked and easyjet have said we should have no problems bringing his medication and milk through in our hand luggage (we only ever travel with hand luggage to Disneyland as we're not there long enough to pay for hold luggage). They have said if you need to use the medication on the flight then you'll need to have a letter from your GP to explain why. Thankfully Roo only has his in the morning and because it's under the liquid limit we shouldn't need the letter as his liquid is the same size as calpol.
One thing that you may need to be aware of is they will not keep medication cool for you. We can apparently bring it in a freezer bag but we cannot keep it in their fridges. Thankfully my GP has said as long as it is not in hot temperatures it will be find to be un-chilled for the duration of travelling but to be honest I do think this is a bit silly as some medications HAVE to be chilled.

Disney hotels do have a specific fridge for medication which is manned 24 hours a day so that's great information to know!!


In regards to his milk, this does not need a letter from the GP and should be absolutely fine to travel with but they have said you may need to taste test it. If we have to do it, Brad will be doing that cause damn his milk smells hideous and tastes like cheese! BLEHHHHHH!


You can travel with a pram on a plane with a baby! We have decided to bring the seat unit instead of the carrycot because this means when Iris gets tired, we can put Roo in an ergo, Iris in the pram and Lucas on the buggy board! 

Now on to the nice bits and bobs! So, I will be packing vests, socks and a couple more sleepsuits but i've only included the cute Disney bits and basics!


We usually do costumes but on our last full day on the Friday we'll be wearing all Disney clothing. Both Brad and I also have Disney clothing to wear, as do Lucas and Iris. 
Lucas and Rufus have similar outfits to wear and it's so cute! Lucas is very excited about this

The first outfit above includes
Jumper: NEXTDungarees: ZARA - not the same but similarHat: EBAY
This is a super cute outfit and something he can wear again too!! 


We're off for a Princess breakfast on our first day so it's the best day for him to wear this one! He's going to look so cute. I found this outfit when I was at the Princess experience when a lady had her baby dressed up in this and it was just too cute. It was from ASDA but I cannot see it online anymore.


On one day we're planning on meeting Jessie and Woody and heading to take the cutest pictures ever so I picked up this outfit from Party delights and it's honestly just so cute!Buy it HERE


The final costume is the Winnie the Pooh one! We're going for breakfast with the characters which if the same as last time will include Piglet and Tigger so it's perfect! We're then hoping to FINALLY meet Winnie too and of course I need this cutie in a Winnie outfit!! So cute. Primark do a version of this too but this one is from Matalan which you can buy HERE.

For underneath his costume if its a bit colder, he'll have clothes on obviously as i'm using the costumes as more of a pram suit so he'll need clothes underneath so i've gone simple and cosy.

I will be including some more disney pyjamas but they were in the wash when I took the photo! He has a couple of winnie the pooh sleepsuits and obviously as mentioned earlier will include socks, vests and things but exciting wise its all about Roo's costumes!

I am so excited, we're not too far away from our trip now and i'm blooming excited!!!!!!

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