13 March 2019


As you're reading this we're on day two of Disney and I am currently in the most magical, wonderful mood ever!
Packing for Iris was so fun because although she loved it last time, she's absolutely ecstatic about going this time, she's just as excited as Lucas and it's the first year she gets in and I am just so excited by this!

Iris also has her trunki and then an easy access bits and bobs bag for things to keep her occupied and has a Princess on the front of the bag because Iris is pretty obsessed with Princesses!


BAG: STUDIO - includes the waterbottle
IPAD: Apple (really old one from 2013)

As said in Lucas' one, the bits and bobs bag will have some snacks in and be their "on plane bag" as well as being the one they use around the parks. I was going to get them a disney rucksack each but they wont wear it most of the time, we have a changing bag for Rufus anyway for important bits and bobs and this can just be the easy access bits and bobs.

They have both got matching headphones to stop any "they're mine" no "they're mine" or "I want those ones" comments. I want them to have matching also I can't stop thinking about how cute this will be on the plane for a photo! Both of them in their matching headphones with ears. SO CUTE!

Iris is using the oldest Ipad in a super old marvel case so I can download her some things from Disney life of Netflix to watch on the plane! Thinking Princesses or Pirates as Disney has a Princesses and Pirate theme whilst we're there! There is also games on the Ipad that Iris likes this farm game called dirty farm where she has to feed the rabbits and clean the pig; she loves it!

Dressing her for Disney will be so much fun this time! Last time she did look super cute, she had a Princess dress for every day but at that time she didn't have a favourite princess, she wasn't really in to the Princesses as she hadn't really chosen her own loves or found any character loves, she just liked watching the films, this time she's all about the Princesses, she yells "PETER PAN" and "MARY POPPINS" constantly! She adores frozen and Moana, they are her favourites and she has truly found her love for being this sparkly, Princess girl and i'd be lying if I said I didn't love it!
That being said she does love to copy everything Lucas does too!


This is a handmade dress from China! She does have her beautiful Anna dress that she wore to the Princess experience but it's a bit long on her and i'm pretty sure we can't bring it through customs with safety pins in annoyingly as we only have hand luggage and with her having so many costumes anyway it's pointless having it in the suitcase just in case we're made to throw away the safety pins during check in. This one is really cute and she's going to look beautiful in it!


The first Morning we have in Disney, we have a Princess breakfast booked and I am just so excited! Last time we did meet Rapunzel and Lucas went all silly shy as he LOVES her! She also has a pascal too, to carry around with her. This is the day I'm hoping to be doing that little Princess thing where she has her hair sprayed with glitter and make up put on! She is OBSESSED with watching me do my make up and constantly says "Mummy, me too" so, I know she'll LOVE a Princess makeover! 


Now, this is the day Lucas will be Woody and Rufus will be Rex and I keep thinking of all the amazing photo opportunities! This is the day we're hoping to meet Woody and Jessie too! Iris is a huge Toy story fan too!


If i'm honest I think Iris likes Disney more than Lucas, she has sooo many favourites and demands to watch Disneylife daily (so worth the £5 a month) and i'm just loving having a kick-ass daughter who loves Princesses and superheroes and obviously her absolute favourites are halloween films. Anyway, this is a potential outfit because it depends on what she choses that day! She'll either be Violet or Snow White and it completely depends on how Iris feels!


Another one like the Anna one, it's so beautiful and is a little less costume and more dress. I wanted Iris to be comfortable, if we were going in Summer, i'd have her in full blown princess dresses but when you have a coat on and you're getting on and off rides you need to be comfortable! So these were perfect for this. This will be depending on Iris' choice on the last day whether she wears Snow White or Violet.

*I apologise I cannot find the links to any of these costumes* 


Normal clothes wise, I have packed Iris' penguin onesie (like Lucas' stitch) to keep her warm and I have also ordered her a puddle suit too which hasn't arrived yet as I don't want any whiney children. I will also be packing wellies as well as normal shoes! I'll be packing socks, tights and bloomers too! As well as jeans and t-shirts to wear under her jessie costume and if she wears it Violet.

For our final day we'll all be wearing matching Disney clothes! We all have clothes with Mickey Mouse on!

SKIRT: ZARA - Iris' was from the Zara sale after christmas but this is similar
RAIN MAC: VERY - They also have this in red!
*Iris will also have tights on and a cardigan! I wont make her freeze*

Iris and I also have matching black double pom pom hats each if its super cold and i'm so excited to go now.
Iris is also still in nappies so will be packing nappies and wipes for her!

As I said, as you're reading this I am already in Disneyland and super excited! Keep an eye out for our best Photography spots, tips and tricks, how to book Disneyland on a budget, best places to eat, our travel diaries on our trip, hauls and more!

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