20 March 2019


Best photography spots in Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Studios and Disney Village (and hotel). I've split this post into two posts as there are soooo many spots for photographs! I don't like to spend too much time "perfecting" these shots as i'm there to enjoy myself but of course it would be silly and rude not to take advantage of the many photograph spots perfect for Instagram!
The studios is full of colourful, pixar, fun photographic spots! A lot of these are more set up for this reason but that doesn't make them any less worthy!


I'll start back at the hotel for images! So, we stayed in Santa Fe this time and it's very route 66 themed, so there are a lot of rocks, stones, dusty streets and race track theming! Whilst walking to the park I spotted this patch of trees and knew it made a great photo opportunity! I took this shot from down low as I wanted to capture the hotel in the background ever so slightly as it's a really nice dusty pinky colour and ended up just loving this photo! The colours of Lucas' outfit also compliment the setting nicely too!


Until approximately Summer 2020, these boards will be up as you walk towards the Disney Village from Santa Fe, Cheyenne, Sequoia Lodge and Newport Bay club and it's bright red backdrop with the Marvel character design looks amazing! The boys couldn't wait to get involved with this. I love it and it makes for such a great shot! 

Other ideas for on your way or in the village you can photograph in front of one of the cute walls in Sequoia lodge, get some wild west style photos in Cheyenne or the panorama balloon with Tink on, stand in front of the water with Newport bay club as your backdrop or pose with the Mickey tree outside Cafe Mickey or the golden Mickey and Minnie statues outside 'World of Disney'

Once you get inside the studios your photo opportunities are HUGE! There are so many photo opportunities from the hollywood sign backdrop, Cruella's car and even now the huge Captain Marvel statue.


Lucas had his face painted after falling in love with the Star Wars legends of the force show and I was desperate to find a great photo spot that wasn't too busy in the background as I wanted it to focus purely on the facepaint and I found this random teal coloured wall which was perfect. Its on the front wall of the main building between the entrance and the park. Sometimes it's the simple, random finds!


A cute little photo opportunity for a fun one! Not much to say on this other than it makes a cute photo op! I tried to make Lucas pose like Mickey Mouse does but he wasn't having any of it!


This is my favourite statue ever! I have such a love for it and I'm desperate for the partners pandora charm! (once i've bought a new pandora bracelet) but the flowers below and the hollywood sign, tower of terror behind too just all make such great backdrops for this photo! 


How cute is Boo's door though? I want to paint all our doors in our house with Boo's door pattern! Can I actually do that? How cute would that be? I love this little area, we didn't use it this time as Roo was asleep and with all the littles and adults using the scream area it was too noisy! I have heard that occasionally Scully will appear for meet and greets here too!

Toy Story Playland has a LOT of these opportunities and OH MY GOODNESS - The nostalgia.
I've saved some photos of my previous two times too to include in this. Playland is just so much fun, everything is so big to make you feel like a toy too! YOU ARE A TOYYYY! It's also so colourful and I personally love it!


Is this it's official name? does it have one? It shows up in Monsters inc too (fun fact) and as you can see above if you dress your children in Toy Story costumes, or even if you don't, it will make a super cute photo! The best angle for this is from down below to get the lights in and depending whether you shoot landscape or portrait you might even get the dominos in the background. I took this from near the fence outside the Slinky Dog ride and the wall they are sat on is actually had a buggy park sign on it which means even during super busy months, if you move a couple of the buggys slightly out of the way it will not be full of people sat their drinking their slushies or hot chocolates!


Now the Giant Rex is yet another one thats cute! It has little building blocks underneath spelling out Rex that older children can sit on or you can do what i've done and got Brad to hold up our own little Rex for a super cute photo!! I tend to find taking photos from down below is the best in Playland because of all the cute multicoloured fairy lights and the monkeys that you capture above! It also stops you from getting loads of random people walking behind your shot!


So this is set up behind a piece of glass! it's next to the RC Racer ride and it's pretty cute for a photo opportunity! Only downside is the blooming reflection of yourself you capture (so don't pick your nose whilst taking this shot). 


Yet another one like Rex that's amazing! This would be a good one to get during your Magic Hour as you'll get less people in your shot. Buzz also talks which is amazing! He's another fun one and another one to capture from below! you can also get the knex fencing in the background and the toy story Playland sign in too.


We were gutted to find this was closed this time for refurbishment as Lucas is obsessed with cars, which is why we stayed in Santa Fe! When it re-opens this makes for a great photo for any cars obsessed little boys or girls (or big boys and girls - Disney isn't just for littles) 



Located just in front of the Rock 'n Roller coaster you can even press a button and it makes rain! very cute! It's in front of a cute les parapluies de cherbourg shop too, so if you change angle you could get that in the background instead!

 I also have a 'Best Photography Spots in Disneyland Paris | Disneyland Park' post coming soon too!
Have I missed any that you'd suggest? There's always new things popping up so keep a look out!

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