5 January 2019


Having a Disney mad Daughter is wonderful! Of course over the past two years of her life we've drummed Disney into her, as we did Lucas. They're absolutely encouraged to decide which films, characters and programmes are their favourite and if they didn't like Disney, we'd absolutely not force it upon them but with two Disney lovers for parents - it was pretty obvious they'd be obsessed too. 

Iris over the past two years has grown to love so many different Disney films. She's your typical girly girl but at the same time she loves the incredibles and cars as well as the Princess classics. Her current favourite film is frozen, she is obsessed with frozen. She loves Olaf!
It's very cute.

I am so excited to see Iris grow with Disney over the years, I am so excited to see her in Disneyland in March, when she'll properly adore it. We went last December and she loved it then, even at one, so being two and a half this time round, I know she'll love it even more. I can't wait to watch her and Lucas walking hand in hand down main street in their Disney costumes, taking in every magical moment and making magical memories.

As I type this they're on their sixth Disney film of the day (It is Saturday, so this isn't the norm and we've had it on in the background whilst we had friends over) and Lucas is dressed as Buzz Lightyear with his Buzz Lightyear, watching Toy Story and has just made me write ANDY on his foot. We've had all the Disney figures out and they've played nicely with their little Disney loving friend - Liv.

I love listening to them sing-a-long to the songs and hearing them name obscure characters too. I just love it.
The countdown to Disneyland Paris is on! nearly nine weeks to go! I absolutely cannot wait. Lucas' third time, Iris' second and Rufus' first! BRING IT ON.


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