9 January 2019


The school run! The dreaded school run, we all hate it but someone has to do it. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m VERY lucky and Brad does the morning school run on the days he’s working and I’ll do the pick up and on the days he’s off he usually does them. This is down to Iris, she can be a little bit of a demon when she gets tired and two school runs makes her VERY grumpy. 

Yesterday I did my first solo school run with three littles. With recovery after birth, Brad’s paternity leave and the Christmas holidays there hasn’t been much chance for me, so yesterday was my first chance and a big deal for me. So, this week’s our candid days post is my first school run day! 

After breakfast, getting dressed and breastfeeding Rufus for an hour and Brad took Lucas to school, I started on the housework. I tend to do certain rooms a day and potter along doing bits and bobs to keep it clean and tidy. I like routine and keeping a routine is the only way I’m going to get through these solo days with three littles. I dusted the bookshelf (who else hates that job too?). 

Iris was watching Frozen whilst I tackled some housework whilst eating a gingerbread man, this meant that Rufus could have some tummy time without being stomped on. I put a wash on, mopped the kitchen floor and washed up during this time which was great to get done! Just leaving me with the bedding to chuck in when that load had finished and then the whites to go in on Friday. 
Friday afternoon is my white wash day as I can wash all of Lucas’ polos (except one but he has six polos for this reason) and Brads tunics for work too! Then Saturday is another darks wash for Lucas’ school trousers, Lucas’ school jumpers and Brad’s work trousers - as well as other odd bits too. We have a lot more darks and colours than whites!

My friend and her Daughter popped over for a catch up and play date as her Daughter is three months older than Rufus! 
When I had Lucas I was feeling really lonely, I only had one friend with a baby but after Iris I finally started getting more friendships and building bonds with others with children and I finally felt less lonely in motherhood and surrounded by people who got me and I am so grateful for that and so grateful for my children having best friends too. 

Once Catherine and Isabelle left, it was school run time and I was a little anxious but they were great! It takes me about an hour to get to and from school which is crazy but it’s alright, we get there and back! 

When we got back Lucas and Iris had some milk and shared an orange and Rufus chilled whilst we made dinner and I set out the clothes for the next day, and even breakfast too. I find if it’s all set out ready that it makes the mornings easier too and that is so important! Anything to lower the stress! 

Thankfully, my first, proper solo school run day went well and I wasn’t left in distress and an emotional wreck! 

Forever repeating “YOU’VE GOT THIS MAMA! YOU’VE GOT THIS”.

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