24 January 2019


Wednesdays, mostly every other week we head out with my Nan. This week we headed to Itchen Valley Country park on a frosty day to blow away the cobwebs. Iris is full of it at the moment, so much energy but so little desire to behave. So the best place to take her is somewhere I can let her run freely and hope she comes back to us. It's like having a naughty dog that you let off the lead and pray they return to you when you call...

We headed through the trail towards to park after a soya coffee and Iris had some cake. Iris LOVES the musical tiger so we stopped and her and my Nan played with that for a while.
Iris is a real thrill-seeker so the swing is her favourite; followed by a super tall slide that results in me having heart palpitations. Everything was a bit grubby and whilst we don't mind getting muddy most of the time, when you have to get in the car Grandad cleans well, you don't want to make him stressed out! Haha.

We then went on the hunt for ice, there were so many icy puddles. Iris loved finding them and found it so much fun! Thankfully no injuries were sustained.

Itchen Valley is great because when it all gets a little bit too cold you can head into their indoor play area called the holt. We headed for another soya coffee and played in the indoor play area until it was time to get Lucas from school.

Itchen valley has recently had a refurbishment and it is so much better, a bigger, nicer cafe and a cute little indoor play area! They've also replaced the climbing frames on the forest trail. We really like it here as it's where Lucas used to go to forest school.

Even Rufus joined in on the fun! He enjoyed looking around at all the wooden decor dotted around!

Iris LOVES the bird and the egg in the nest and also likes the boat. I turned around to find she'd put on Rufus' hat and had my phone! She makes me laugh so much. She is a right little pickle recently but at the same time, she is really lovely and fun to play with when she's being nice. I do enjoy my Iris and Mummy time when Rufus is asleep.

Once again we had a lovely Wednesday adventure with Nanny Gill!

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