25 January 2019


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Lucas is at that age now where he's in school and he's constantly learning Monday to Friday, so come weekends, his brain just isn't always ticking and sometimes his behaviour suffers because of this. He loves to learn, he loves to read, write, create and he enjoys watching TV; when we're not out on adventures. We're suckers for watching films at the weekend but sometimes when Rufus is sleeping and i'm working, it's nice to sit Lucas and Iris in front of an Ipad and an Iphone with something fun and colourful BUT educational and then we can sit afterwards and chat about what they learnt, they can colour and draw pictures of what they learnt too!

TinPo was written by Davey Moore of Thomas and Friends and Emma Hogan the creator of Nelly and Nora. We're lovers of Nelly and Nora anyway and have the books too and of course even I have loved and watched Thomas and Friends, willingly, over time too. Finding this out made me really excited to watch Tinpo with the littles as I was sure it was going to be good.

Lucas' favourite episode was "let's go buy a kite". He has an obsession with kites thanks to the song "Lets go fly a kite" so this meant for a good talking point afterwards and even made us decide we were going to go buy a kite next week in order to take a kite out and explore this properly.

So what is Tinpo and what is it all about? Tinpo is about four inventors who set out the help tinpotown residents with their problems! There is Tinpo, Doug-po, Logi-po & hack-po! They're always ready to jump on board the Tinpo train the lend a hand. They don't always chose the most sensible and practical ways but they always find a way to complete the task in a original and creative way. Which to me, is just like our toddlers and children. Iris and Lucas NEVER do things sensibly and the most practical way but most of the time they get it done by doing it their own way which is usually pretty creative.

Like mentioned above, once they'd watched the episodes of Tinpo, we chatted about which ones they liked the best and ate snacks and completed some Tinpo colouring sheets. Iris said her favourite was the girl one (Hack-Po) and Lucas said his favourite character was Tinpo because his favourite colour is blue. 

Lucas then blew me away by colouring in the lines of the word Tinpo! He's getting so good. He also managed to get from one end of the tinpo maze to another too. 
I asked Lucas what he thought about the episodes of Tinpo and he said they were funny and he liked how they moved the building with a kite and that they were clever. Iris enjoys dancing along to the theme tune which I totally get as it reminds me of a 90's video game! 

I think Tinpo is a great show for babies up to children. Rufus will enjoy the colours as he gets older and starts to see things on the TV and as he grows and develops he'll start learning too! It's interesting to see it from two children at different ages reactions to it. Iris likes the music, the colours and laughs along with Lucas when he laughs and Lucas is learning from it and wanting to copy things to, like buying a kite. 

You can catch Tinpo on Cbeebies at 6:55am and 3:55pm! It's definitely worth a watch and we've been catching it in the evenings after school too. Since going to a firestick and freeview we're limited to what we can watch so it's great that i'm not watching rubbish on TV and the littles are learning from shows on Cbeebies, like Tinpo. 

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