30 January 2019


Monday the 790th of January, or better known as Monday the 28th January, Lucas had an inset day, so whats a better way to spend it then a frosty walk in the woods? We popped into Lucas' old forest school to say hello to his teachers but only one was there but it was one of his favourites so that was good! We love Itchen valley and this is our second Our candid days this year featuring it as the location for our photos. 

We started off by getting lunch in the cafe and a coffee which was delightful and then once again started walking the play trail! We stopped off at our favourite tree area for some family photos, because we hadn't got any outdoorsey ones of us all as a family yet. I need to get them printed off and framed for the house and replace the old family photos!

I also even stepped in front the camera solo again too!! GO ME!

We always have to have a trip to the park and we put Rufus on one of the big swings and laid him in it, with a blanket cause it was pretty chilly and between Iris and I we swung him gently and he loved it! We did get some smiles too!
I cannot wait for him to be able to go on a sit up swing too but at the same time I want him to stay little for longer! I'm loving his tiny baby cuddles. He makes me so happy.
He seems sad in the picture of Iris pushing him but she pushed him a bit high and I had to stop it quickly, haha.

We then enjoyed the rest of the trail and enjoyed playing "big bad wolves" in the little stick house, where Lucas and Iris were the little piggys and I was the big bad wolf! Love how I had to be the big bad wolf. I had to yell and huff and puff... Iris told me off, of course, sassy pants.

We then finished up with a coffee and getting warmed up in the indoor play area before hopping on the bus home. Lucas loves the walk down Allington lane over the motorway bridge as he looks for all the "macs"... He's a huge cars fan!

I say it all the time but I really do LOVE our family days together!

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