2 January 2019


Last year, I started a "our candid days" section on my blog and failed miserably due to pregnancy.
So, in true "new year, new me" fashion, I am starting it again. Last time it was very much a linky for everyone to join in but now, it's just a blog my day style, weekly, feature for us to capture our days together.
And, what better way is there to kick start the year then with Rufus' first walk down by the river with his big siblings. He's been out to weigh in's, for coffee dates and Christmas shopping but he hasn't been for a nice adventure yet. Everyone loves a new years day walk, so we decided to do the same.

We wrapped Rufus up in his bunny pram suit, which is handmade!!! and battled with Lucas and Iris to put on their coats and shoes. Getting out the house nowadays is a mission to say the least, if you don't have full organisation skills, then kiss goodbye to a stress free 'getting out the door' and lots of tears, tantrums and shouting... and that's just from the adults!
Stupidly, I hadn't realised buses weren't running, which meant a long, 35 minute walk to the river... smart move, yet all's good if you want the exercise and whining of two children! Haha.

Once we arrived, we headed for a quieter spot for some photos and lunch, most importantly.

The kids threw stones for a while and burnt off some energy. They were disappointed there were no ducks around but Lucas was very concerned about someones bike that had washed away... I always forget the crap you can see when the tide goes out. I always blame students, which is totally okay, cause it's totally behaviour I would have portrayed when I lived in Brad's student house.

Once we'd got mucky in mud, it was time for hand washes and lunch! All round, even Rufus!! We'd been and got snacky food from co-op on our way there, so it was sausage rolls all round!

Once lunch was over, it was that time where I make my family pose for cute photos to be framed on the wall! They love yelling "cheeeeeeese" at the camera, with the bribery of a treat in the sugary form.

By this point, the kids were cold, the sun had gone in, it had gone overcast and we knew we had a long ol' 35 minute walk back home again too, so we headed home.
Once home, the littles raided the Sausage rolls again and enjoyed a Strawberry milkshake. Whilst I fed Rufus again. It was such a lovely day and i'm so excited for more adventures as Rufus grows up with Lucas and Iris to guide him.

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