23 November 2018


Last night we headed to Southampton's Christmas market with friends for a german Sausage, hot chocolates and sweeties! We had such a lovely evening, the kids were so well behaved, we saw Father Christmas fly his sleigh and we soaked up all the magic, festive scents, sights and I went home feeling VERY uncomfortable BUT very content and in a lovely mood.

Walking through the market was just lovely. They've taken a lot more pride in the market over the past few years. Years ago, you walked through a bunch of drunks and stalls selling bongs, tacky clothing and christmas jumpers with cannabis leaves on and mis-spelt christmas phrases... it was um, interesting! Now you walk through and you still have "Santa's pub" and the german sausage stands but you have handmade crafts, fudge, wooden toys, handmade baubles, handmade everything really. It feels festive, it feels lovely. Walking around these little wooden huts is so much nicer than walking around the old pop up tents with tat and complete inappropriate items for kids.

It still feels adult and has gift ideas on the stalls but at the same time it feels appropriate to walk your kids around and you don't feel you need to avert their eyes from the weed related gifts. I mean, if you like that then great but it's not really an interest of mine and I don't miss the "Mummy, whats that?" questions! where I wasn't quite sure how to answer.

We met up with our besties, Heather, Louise and Tiffany and their littles. Iris had her little besties Kaley, Olivia, Kelsey and baby Arthur (she's OBSESSED with Arthur) and the beautiful baby Joey was there too. Lucas also loved having his little best friend, Isla, there too. They were so well behaved. Watching them walk down the high street holding hands together, jumping up and down with excitement as Santa flew above them. They were so cute. I did take Brad for moral support as Iris tends to run off and decide not to walk and I knew I couldn't pick her up to see Santa and I keep getting contraction kind of pains when i'm walking so it's quite difficult. Thankfully the littles were amazing and it made a huge difference to the experience. 

We headed to Starbucks for our festive drinks. Brad tried the new Christmas brulee latte and I had the salted caramel brownie hot chocolate which was to die for! Iris had herself a mini hot chocolate and Lucas had a bigger version of a babychino as he doesn't like hot chocolate - Weirdo!

Overall, we had such a lovely evening and although it was bitter cold, I left with a very happy heart, feeling super content and super duper festive. I am so glad we got to do this before baby decides to make their appearance. We're getting into the Christmas spirit already as a new baby is a massive deal for the littles and I may be (will be) pretty darn tired during the run up to Christmas so don't want the littles to think the baby is ruining their Christmas so we're making it a big deal already so when baby comes we can focus on Christmas films on the sofa together.

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