21 November 2018


Thirty seven weeks! HIYA! I AM FULL TERM, i'm on maternity leave and we're getting excited and nervous now!
This week I saw the midwife and all was lovely and well. Fundal height was perfect 37cm and baby is head down! Thank goodness. She took my bloods to check for OC as I was feeling itchy and the results came back negative at a 4 which is amazing!
She also weighed me and this whole pregnancy I have only gained 15lbs, I have only gained a stone. Thats so much different than the other two. I gained a LOT with both the other two. I have lost a lot of weight and I would say that extra was definitely because of baby and all the extras rather than me and the midwife suggested the same which makes me feel amazing.
The movements have got so strong I feel really uncomfortable now. I love them though.

Bump has grown so dramatically and i'm loving it. I am going to miss it so much and I know as much as I know why it's sensible to have no more children, I don't feel i'll ever be done. I love pregnancy, I love being a Mum and I know that i'd always have more but know financially it's not the best idea. That being said i'm so bloody lucky to have *nearly* three and to be a Mum at all. So, i'll always be grateful for that.

This week also included a surprise, mini baby shower. My wonderful friends and this little baby's godmothers threw me a little surprise shower and it was lovely. It ended up just being the four of us and the two breastfeeding, chunky boys and it was lovely. We giggled, we had fun and it's very obvious that I don't talk about my favourite TV shows or celeb crushes enough! It's Casualty and Hugh Jackman, for the record AND my middle name is Paige! Haha. They'd bought the most beautiful white and gold decor which I have used a few bits in the baby's corner already. I'm loving the "Oh Baby" sign which is now cutely hung above the shelves.
The food was also amazing, M&S sandwiches, mini cakes, a veg and houmous platter, Louise made a healthy fruit skewer and Tiff even made a delightful Dairy free chocolate cake. There was elderflower cordial and tea in beautiful vintage tea cups and I honestly cannot thank them enough. I loved spending the afternoon talking all things vaginas, babies, bumps and boobs. They did an amazing job and I couldn't have been more thankful. Baby is one lucky little Moomin.
I've included photos below that the girls took, they're phone images as of course I didn't bring my camera as I thought I was just going out for lunch with Tiff! Haha. sneaky, little beans!

Maternity leave is bittersweet for me, i'm going to miss everyone a lot! They bought me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers that has a basket that looks like a pumpkin and they smell and look lovely. I'm so beyond grateful to have such lovely colleagues. 
I'm also getting super organised now so once I go on maternity leave I can see friends, watch the Christmas channel and nap. (As well as get bored). I have ticked so much off my list. I have a couple more blog things to do, which are small and easy, I want to vlog the last few weeks but at the same time and fearing going into labour and my battery being dead as I desperately want to capture this birth as Iris' was so quick in the end, we were shocked so didn't pick up the camera. (WHY ARE CANON BATTERIES SO EXPENSIVE FOR SPARES) but I know I need to schedule a few blog posts. That being said, I will be writing a birth story and other things pretty quickly after birth as I always get on with it whilst Brad's on paternity leave as I don't want to forget anything, same as the birth vlog, i'll be plugging in those headphones and breastfeeding in the night whilst editing a birth vlog. That never feels like a chore to me, I always love doing it and I can do it whilst Iris naps, Lucas is at school and Brad's home. So it wont feel overwhelming; I'm going to be sat down for about two weeks with a baby attached to me anyway, so might as well be doing something fun at the same time.

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: A winter melon or a Striped skunk
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: getting everything ready for baby to arrive
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: Seeing the littles faces when I told them I didn't need to go to work anymore!
I HAVE BEEN FEELING: Sore, exhausted and sicky!
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: Nothing this week!
IM CRAVING: Laundry still
IM LOVING: Lazy days!
I'VE BEEN MEANING TO: Crack on with this post! It's only 5 days late... WHOOOPS! The next update will be at the weekend! Sorry guys.

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