19 November 2018


So, yes I am aware it's only November 18th when we're putting up the tree and that is early for us too. Usually our "Festive day" falls on the closest weekend to December 1st but I am 37 weeks pregnant and as we make "festive day" a really big deal every year, I wanted the littles to get the day before I go into labour. I could realistically go into labour any day and I always remember the festive day of 2016 when it was Iris' first Christmas and she was only about a month and a half old and she was so demanding and Lucas' behaviour suffered because he was frustrated by being made to stop so I could feed Iris and actually baby is going to be newborn and have no care in the world. I think it's really important for Iris and Lucas to have all the attention and to have our special day together before baby arrives.

The day is pretty simple, we decorate the tree together, we dance to Christmas songs and we decorate the house together. After the house is decorated we move on to hot chocolates, babychinos and a festive movie. We're watching the Polar express today because I bloody love it! I made hot chocolate out of kinder bars in our matching Elf mugs from NEXT, we danced to Buble, I redecorated the tree after the littles as it was, um, interesting and we snuggled and watched a film. I love being with these guys and i'm very lucky to have them all.

Our annual festive day is a family tradition we'll continue forever and I hope that even when the littles move out when they're not so little, they'll come round to help still, I hope when they're grumpy teens they'll still join in and when they have families of their own I hope they continue it with their littles too. It's one of my favourite days of the year, along with our Pumpkin picking day. I am so grateful for these moments as a family.

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