11 October 2018


It's that time of year again folks, PUMPKIN PICKING TIME! The time, that everyone heads off to a pick-your-own farm and stands and takes photos with the lovely orange coloured backdrop, picks some Pumpkins and if you're anything like us, they are used as decoration on our front door steps before they go squashy and manky and get put in the bin. I am not a fan of carving them, we've tried in the past and I just found it so stressful with the kids, I am not a fan of the smell of the pulp and actually, here's a little fact about me, I don't always like the taste of pumpkin! I mean, I am not lying when I say I love Pumpkin spice, I do adore Pumpkin spice lattes, Pumpkin spice porridge and so on but Pumpkin soup and Pumpkin pie aren't for me. It has to have the spice. I am not sure why I don't like pumpkin pie, I wonder if it's because the only time i've tried it was when I made it myself? I love pumpkin spiced cakes but i'm too faffy to make it out of the proper pulp, I usually buy it in a tin. Basically, apart from Pumpkin pie, I don't like savoury Pumpkin dishes, I like the unhealthy, cake, biscuits and coffee.

We headed out to Pickwell on Sunday to complete our annual tradition of Pumpkin picking. You all know I love Pumpkins, i'm obsessed, it's unhealthy and I think I need real help, if you don't know I love Pumpkins, A lot or i'm obsessed with Autumn and all things spooky then you must be new to our blog, so, HEY!. We have about 12 copper Pumpkins (not small ones either) dotted around our house, thanks to our Halloweeny/Autumnal wedding last year, I had told Brad that the nearly £100 I spent on copper Pumpkins in homesense were going to be sold on... but I lied, I had no intention of selling them on.

Pumpkin picking has been something that we do on the exact same weekend every year and capture memories, purchase far too many Pumpkins for decoration purposes and have a lovely time together, before heading to the pub next door for some yummy Autumnal food.
The first year we went was 2016, which you can see HERE. We went with my Mum, we just had Lucas and an Iris bump on board and was three weeks away from giving birth to her.
The second year, which you can see HERE. We went with Brad's Mum, we had a little Iris, nearly one and Lucas. We dressed them up as Pumpkins for that day!
Then this year, we headed there with my Mum and her partner "Buddha" and Lucas and Iris spent most of their time chasing Buddha around the patch.

Lucas spent most of his time picking up the smallest Pumpkins, because they were the perfect weight for him to carry and putting them in the wheelbarrow, we then spent time going behind him and removing them all!
Iris spent most of her time, tripping over Pumpkin vines, yelling for Buddha and getting really irate over the fact she couldn't pick the Pumpkins up as they were too heavy!

After Pumpkin picking we headed to the pub next door for lunch and had the tastiest Lamb roast ever! I couldn't finish it, it wasn't even that big, i'm just too pregnant now! haha.
Capturing these photos every year are now so special. Our family has grown in the past three trips (nearly) and to watch Lucas and Iris grow up every year in this patch is amazing. We'll forever be comparing the photos and knowing next year we'll have a third little Pumpkin in the patch is amazing.

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