19 October 2018


*I was gifted the Bravado Bra in return for a feature in a pregnancy update. All words are my own and honest.*

This pregnancy is seriously flying by! I only have 8 and a half more shifts left at work! 4 weeks left until maternity leave! Its absolutely crazy! I am slowly getting more and more exhausted and i'm sore as hell. Whatever my spine is doing there is something going on with my nerves for sure. I have the worse pain under my left bum cheek, it goes down my thigh too and it hurts so bad and that's whats causing my waddle at the moment. I don't know how to stop that pain either. It's the thing that's driving me most mad because I just cannot soothe it, cannot get comfy and pain killers don't touch it, it's so weird. I can hack the heartburn and heaviness but I am struggling with that uncomfortable pain.

The past two weeks have been busy and exhausted, I worked my shifts together so I could have some time off for Iris' second birthday which is coming up on Monday *sobs*.
On Monday this week I had a funny turn at work. I felt sicky and then took myself out the back into the office where I knew I was going to faint. I sat myself on the floor and I don't remember anything until one of my colleagues called for another colleague and thankfully because I work in a medical setting and my colleagues are amazing, including my Manager, I had my blood pressure, blood sugars and pulse checked and I slowly came back round. It was quite scary at the time but not the first time i've felt faint and got funny this pregnancy. I am absolutely fine now but find I get a little light headed and funny if I don't eat little and often, so i'm going to change from eating three meals which fill me up so I have limited or no snacking to eating small portions throughout the day and then one hot meal to see if that helps.

This week I also had the flu jab and the whooping cough jab and well, ouch! I know it doesn't actually give you a case of the flu but I always feel poorly after having it. Brad said I was pale last night and today i've been exhausted, unmotivated and a bit meh. So I've wrote some blog posts, binge watched making a murderer and snuggled on the sofa with two of my favourite people earth side and my womb buddy!
I have the sniffles which I did not have yesterday, so that is annoying. I also have sore arms! Thats such an annoying side effect.
I also slept on the sofa last night which was weirdly more comfortable and I slept a bit better and the only annoying thing was having to go upstairs to wee instead of going across the corridor.

I have also been trialling one of two Bravado nursing bra's this week, I have been trialling the ballet black bra which is super comfortable. I am thinking this one may be the bra I give birth in too. I have been thinking about a nice comfortable black bra to use in the birthing pool.
It's really easy to get on and is super soft and of course NO UNDERWIRE, which is absolutely not what you want when you're pregnant. I'll show you the other bra in the next bump date!!

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: Pineapple, a ferret and a junior tennis racket.
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: Iris' birthday party!
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: Having some time off to rest!
I HAVE BEEN FEELING: Exhausted and poorly
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: Another Christmas sleepsuit as it has Penguins on it and a little brother sleepsuit as I thought it was super cute and want to have a little sister and a little brother sleepsuit on standby to announce their gender once they arrive!!
IM CRAVING: The smell of fresh laundry, work is my favourite place as I can stand outside the laundry vent and it smells amazing.
IM LOVING: watching the kids in the bath poking my belly to see it move

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