22 October 2018


Dear little Iris, 

You're two. My tiny 6lb 15oz baby girl is now TWO. Two years ago you literally flew into the world at 9:15pm and I got to finally see what you looked like and learnt all about your personality. Fast forward we completed a year of exclusive breastfeeding, you learnt to walk a week after Mummy and Daddy's wedding and you learnt to talk... a lot! 

You talk in sentences, you talk all the time. I have never known a chatterbox like you! You make me laugh so much with the things you come out with. "Listen, crocodile eating, NOW," "get down daddy," "no Daddy, my Mummy," "Oh My god," "Bong bong Daddy," (come on), "Lucas sitting out, Mummy, Naughty Brother," "I like cuppa tea," "I like biscuits, Mummy," "I did it"
Whenever we compliment you she goes "No, i'm not a Princess," or "No, i'm not beautiful/gorgeous/sassy/cute," and well the list could go on. You make us laugh so much.

You're obsessed with pretty clothes, pretty hair, pretty shoes, pumpkins, halloween, spooky things, Disney, The lion king, hocus Pocus. It's super cute and funny. you're very much like me.

I cannot believe you're two years old Iris, but on the same hand I can't believe you're not already two. I think it's because you don't stop talking.

We're so proud to call you our Daughter Iris, you're amazing. You are truly beautiful, cheeky, funny, a little naughty at time, sassy, spirited, independent and just completely hilarious. You annoy your Brother so much and I just know you're going to be an amazing big Sister in December as well as a little Sister. I worry about you becoming jealous over your new sibling because you're very Mummified. You're all Mummy, Mummy, Mummy. I do love that but at the same time I don't want you to feel pushed out. So hopefully you understand that Mummy loves you all the same.

Happy Birthday to you beautiful girl and thank you for coming into our lives two years ago and making our world a happier place. I love watching you and your Brother together and I know when there is three of you, you're going to plot against me!

I hope you have the best birthday and you enjoy your special halloween birthday party with your friends.
You're a very special little person, I love you! Daddy loves you, we all love you!

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