9 October 2018


I am so incredibly behind with these updates and for a while I felt rubbish about it but in all honesty I am just plodding along, making sure this pregnancy goes smooth sailing, counting those kicks and looking after myself. I've had a kidney infection, three weddings since that infection and also been hit with a stinking cold thats lingering and lingering and STILL lingering! So, in all honesty, i've been enjoying sleeping as much as I can, being a Mum, going to my "doesn't include a camera" job and being a wife; as well as making sure my house doesn't look like the kids have hired a bulldozer and driven it through it.

Anyway, last Sunday when I was 30 weeks pregnant, we headed out, all suited and booted to take some maternity photos. It's a bit early, but then I take bump photos every week anyway and wanted to get them done whilst the weather is still not too bitter and the rain isn't pouring daily.

As I said the past three weeks have been a bit manic and apart from a HUGE growth spurt, my spine and hips starting to play up and Lucas deciding he doesn't like school, it's been pretty simple. 
I saw my Midwife and wrote up a birth plan, which I still need to type out in a separate blog post and saw her again Friday just gone where she checked baby and all seems great.
I have only gained 6lbs the whole pregnancy so far, which is amazing and under what they like but I am okay with and they're not concerned as bump is growing great, so is baby and I have lost a lot of weight, so I am not bothered in the slightest really. If anything I am really happy about it. I know i'll feel better after birth. Fingers crossed I lose it quicker than I did(n't) with both Lucas and Iris. 

This pregnancy, I have been told so many times that i'm glowing, which is so kind, but I am not. My skin is spotty and broken out, I am sore, exhausted and ready to nap at any point. Make-up is my saviour really, whenever you see these bump photos, I am usually plastered in make-up and have made an effort for the first time that week. I don't wear make up most days really, so the only time I make an effort is if we're going out as a family or if I know I need a bump photo taken. I don't always look "glowing" I promise.

I have been noticing baby's movements are getting bigger and bigger and Brad finds them "creepy". I think it's because neither Lucas or Iris ever moved this much so this baby, even with an anterior placenta, is making huge movements, Brad's a bit taken aback by it. I don't know if it's the fact I am only growing bump and not everywhere this time or if it's a third pregnancy thing? All I know is I love it and i'm going to miss it immensely.

The kids are doing amazing, Lucas has felt and seen baby kick loads, Iris yells "BELLY" at me all the time and pats my boobs and says baby... Weird! I don't know if either of them really get it but Lucas does keep telling me its going to be a boy called *insert girls name* and will not accept that if he wants a baby called *insert girls name* then it's going to be a girl as if it's a boy it will be called *insert boys name* (WOW, I should just share the names, this is getting confusing... but I wont, sorry)
Lucas also keeps mentioning that he can't wait for Christmas as the baby will come, so that really is super cute.

In regards to baby's names, the only reason we're not sharing is purely because we don't know the gender, we've never been precious regarding baby's names and have always announced baby's name the day of or day after their gender reveal, so it feels like we should do the same this time.
When baby is born, we'll be announcing their arrival, putting up a picture of them as we're gushing over them. We will probably allow ourselves 24 hours or so before we announce their gender and their name as this pregnancy has felt so different, I feel like I know nothing about this baby, I don't know their gender, their name, I haven't even got a Mothers intuition about the gender either, I haven't spent 20-24 weeks calling them by their name after discovering their gender via a private scan and although that has been so lovely, at the same time, I want sometime getting to know that baby ourselves before we come out with "WE HAVE A BABY GIRL" or "MEET LUCAS AND IRIS' BABY BROTHER" or something, you know? I haven't even packed a single gender specific thing in their hospital bag either. We don't have a lot, a handful of Lucas' old sleepsuits and Iris' old suitsuits and some of Iris' pink vests BUT we have bought a "little bro-saurus" sleepsuit and a "little sister" sleepsuit from next to announce their gender but have left them at home so we can't reveal or accidentally give it away before we've arrived home and let Lucas and Iris meet their baby Brother or Sister too. So, family and close friends, if you're reading this, of course you'll be informed via message about their gender but please don't share anything until we do!

I've rambled on for a while, basically, everything, touch wood, is going well, I am a little anxious, emotional and at times overwhelmed. I am bloody exhausted all the time and am usually sound asleep by 8/9pm most nights and well I am very excited. I am getting organised, I will be wrapping Christmas presents in November, the tree will be going up in November and the kids are about to be shocked by the pre-Iris' birthday and pre-christmas toy clear-out, for toys that are broken or unloved within the next week.

Keep scrolling for all of the rest of the maternity shoot photos!!

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: Coconut, a foam finger or a small clawed otter 
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: Maternity leave, although I am enjoying being at work, in just over 5 weeks I will be able to put my feet up and relax, for approx 3 weeks!
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: Seeing baby move a lot
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: little Brother and little Sister sleepsuits
IM CRAVING: sponges! yes, the urge to chew sponges is back. GOD SAKE!
IM LOVING: Feeling baby move!
I'VE BEEN MEANING TO: Nap more, I will start napping more.

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