10 September 2018


Dear Little Lucas,

Today you embarked on a massive milestone, you took your first steps into your "big school" today without a single tear or a single care in the world but as I took the steps back out after dropping you off I shed tears and my heart felt so heavy. Even as I type this to you now, i'm holding back the tears and I know that you'll be reading this back in years and years time and what I want to say to you is that I truly am so proud of how you've transitioned to a school boy and how well you've taken to the big change.

You're so excited to go to school, you've been saying it for weeks, so excited to put on your uniform (costume) and go to big school. You bounced up and down this morning when I told you it was finally time to put your uniform on and you proudly put everything on and we took your pictures and you were so eager to go to leave for school and see your "best friends". You're so kind Lucas and you love everyone, it worries me a little as you're opening yourself up to likely get hurt when people don't always want to be your friend back but that will forever be their loss as to have you as a friend would be the greatest gift. I wish I'd have had a friend like you when I was little and I am glad i'm your "best friend" now. Although, I know this will be short lived and soon i'll have to accept that you'll have a new best friend.

When I asked you what you were most excited about doing at school you told me "to read a book, write and learn stuff" this is truly the cutest thing ever, I am so happy you want to learn things and I have no doubt that you'll be blowing my mind within the first few weeks with how quickly you'll be progressing. Of course I think you're super duper smart, I am your Mum, I am biased and incredibly proud of everything you do because you're mine and I love you no matter what.

You've told me when you grow up you want to be a Policeman and a fireman and thats utterly amazing, it will change every year, every day is likely but they're wonderful jobs and of course whatever you do in the future we'll be proud of you as long as you're happy and kind still.
I still cannot believe how easily you walked into school today, Book bag in the box, PE bag on your special peg, wellington boots hung up on the rack and a "goodbye Mummy and Daddy, see ya later" as you hugged me and kissed me on the lips. I know the days where you kiss me on the lips and hug me will disappear when you realise, you're too big for that now.

Anyway, Thank you for being the kindest, loveliest and most wonderful, little boy, Brother, Son and friend.
I will forever be in awe of you,

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