11 September 2018


The past two weeks have been manic so I am now a little behind on these updates which is annoying but of course my health is more important, as is looking after myself for the sake of baby! The past two weeks there have been worries regarding fundal height measurements, awaiting a growth scan, booking a private 4D scan and then BAM! an ambulance was called and I was taken into hospital in horrific pain and a lot of fear.

I'll start at 25 weeks when I went for a routine midwife appointment, all was great, no concerns, booked in to see the midwife again at 28 weeks. Baby's heartbeat was listened to and fundal height was 25cm and all great. On the Tuesday we headed to a consultant appointment and you don't see a consultant you see a doctor, she repeated everything the Midwife had done on the Friday prior and said "Oh, your fundal height is 31cm and i'm a bit worried, i'll book you in for a growth scan and if there are any abnormalities then you can head straight to the day unit on labour ward" Of course I was really worried and instantly booked a private 4D scan as I was confused. Stupidly, I didn't book a scan that did measurements but we did get to see baby's face which was super duper cute and I loved seeing them either way. So now we have to wait until Tuesday 11th September before we get to see baby and have the measurements taken. I am not too concerned anymore, I was when she first said it but since then I am so sure she's measured wrong.

Then on the Saturday when I hit 26 weeks I had been feeling a little exhausted after a busy week, felt a bit uncomfortable in the kidney area and after my Mum arrived to visit I stood up to show her something, came across really funny. I took myself into the kitchen away from everyone and collapsed on the floor with pain, I had the worst pain in my kidney, back and sides and felt hot, sweaty, clammy and yelled for Brad to grab me a bucket to vomit in. I was vomited into a bucket in the kitchen, going paler and paler, lips going blue and feeling so incredibly unwell. My Mum came to help Brad with me and Gareth (Buddha) and Daisy took Lucas and Iris out to the park whilst we decided what to do. I knew instantly that I had a kidney infection as the last time I was ill like this was 2009/2010 when I was hospitalised due to it and I had an E-coli infection on my kidney. I also only have the one kidney so it's a bit worrying when I get an infection in it.
So, we called an ambulance and I was taken into hospital.

Baby was monitored on arrival and was wiggling around all happy and thankfully no concerns with them, she checked my fundal height and she got 27cm... which made me think the doctor really had measured wrongly at 31cm. My urine sample came back with traces of Leucocytes and protein and my bloods showed that my CRP level was 14 when it should have been 7. I started antibiotics and thankfully about 4 days later I started to feel a bit more human. I was a write off for 2 days and just exhausted for a week!

The nicest thing was seeing baby on the 4D scan and seeing their face, we still haven't found out their gender but we have finally decided on a boys middle name! So we have both boys and girls name officially finalised! YAY! When baby is born we will obviously announce their name and gender and i'll write a little blog post regarding why we chose their name and what they would have been called had they been the opposite gender as I'm obsessed with both the names! I'm sad we can't use both.
In the scan baby looked like Lucas I think, I feel like they're going to resemble Lucas a lot. They also were head down and snuggled into my placenta so making things a little difficult to see them and then they got into a ball and were playing with their toes. The kids loved watching the baby on the screen and I feel like Iris really gets it now.

I am due to have a busy week this week, I have a consultant Midwife appointment to discuss birth options, a growth scan and a Midwife appointment too so a lot to update with. I also am off to Manchester for blog on, Lucas starts school, I have to work and its busy, busy, busy!

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: Cauliflower and a camping lantern by Ovia
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: Seeing baby on the growth scan and seeing what they're estimated to weigh at the moment.
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: Seeing baby on the 4D scan and getting a peak at their face.
I HAVE BEEN FEELING: Exhausted and obviously poorly too
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: Nothing really, I bought some maternity pads and some breast pads
IM CRAVING: Nothing, although the urge to chew sponge is back
IM LOVING: Feeling all the movements and seeing them too. 
I'VE BEEN MEANING TO: write this blooming post! So apologises its late and you'll get two updates in one week but at least they're both full of information.

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