12 September 2018


Last week I headed to an event at the Body Shop with Southampton Bloggers and whilst checking out their new range I had a great thought about some of their smaller sized products which would be perfect for your hospital bag. I'm currently unsure until next week whether i'll need to be packing one or not as I need to speak to a consultant Midwife to decide whether the home birth idea is best for us. 
I haven't purchased all these items, but from scents and testing in store I have picked out some of my favourites. Once I have a plan for my birth, if I end up packing a hospital bag i'll be sure to update you all on what I actually put in mine and baby's bags. 

I was thinking about things I actually used in hospital with Lucas and Iris and hand sanitiser was one I did use. I really like the smell of the 'Coconut hand cleanse gel' which is £2.50, as I am a huge fan of coconut and sweet scents as you'll see as we go through this list. Hand gel is great to keep in your bag and you'll be able to use it once you come home too, I usually keep it in my nappy basket for after changes. This gel is great for after nappy changes and smells nicer than the hospital gel too.

I also liked the little shower cream (£2) and body milk (£3), once again in Coconut. The shower you have after baby is the best shower in the world, all the sweat, blood and grossness is washed away and a nice body wash is great. Of course a shampoo and conditioner - I've linked the banana scented ones which are £2.00 each and these are great to bring with you too. I remember my first shower after Lucas as it was in hospital and I'd had a c-section and it was seriously incredible, as much as a post partum shower can be. It was so nice and refreshing.

This one is probably more of a night before (if you have a planned section booked) or during the run up to your birth. Prepping for birth is something thats important for your self care too. A nice bath, shave those legs if you can be bothered and still reach them and chuck on a face mask. This almond milk and oats mask smells and feels amazing. I tested it out when I was at the event and it is so lovely. It's one of their new products and costs £17 and is completely vegan and cruelty free too.

Back to hospital bag bits, the almond milk and honey range is new and is amazing. I had a hand massage with the range and I felt a massive difference on skin softness and it smells lush too.
A hand cream when you've been through labour is great and your skin will be thanking you for a nice moisturising afterwards. I would recommend a good hand cream and lip balm (£5.50) for starters. Your lips will dry themselves out a lot and a nice lip balm will make you feel lovely and the hand cream  £5 will be lovely after using the hand gel too.

After the post-partum shower a moisturiser will make you feel amazing but of course you're a new Mum, exhausted and don't have ages to smother yourself in a cream or balm and give it time to dry. I was shown the Almond milk yogurt at the event and you can apply it to damp skin, so no need to spend ages drying yourself before applying. Once you apply it, it will dry super quickly too and it genuinely dries un-sticky and you'll feel amazing. I really loved it, its £8.50 and they do different scents too if you're not a fan of almonds.

Finally, I tested out the Coco Calming face mist which is amazing and refreshing and i'd totally recommend it for labour for cooling down and will be amazing when you're all hot and sweaty. Especially if you don't fancy putting a wet flannel on your head. It's £6 and will be one of your best purchases i'm sure.

*Thank you for hosting a great event Southampton bloggers and The Body Shop. I had a great time and this post is not sponsored by The Body Shop in any way. All words and opinions are my own*

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