1 August 2018


I am not going to tell you to fill up your Summer holidays with adventures and fun, nor will I tell you that you should be appreciating every moment of the Summer holidays as lets be real, however much you want to sugarcoat the summer holidays and how much you want to "make the most of it" it just isn't always reality. Brad works, as do I and of course my blog and photography stop either. So we don't have six weeks of care free planning and fun but there are things I'd like to do over the holidays, especially as I have labelled all of Lucas' uniform and have it hung up ready to go! I feel so organised.

My bucket list isn't crazy, it's just a few things we want to do over the next six weeks and cannot wait to do with my family.

1. Strawberry picking
Simple but needed. I've done it with Iris and her friends but want to go back and get pictures with Lucas too and let him have the fun of Strawberry picking. I desperately want to compare last years and this years.
2. Forest walk treasure hunt
I will design a treasure map with things for the littles to find, for example a feather or a stone. I just want to keep the forest school side of him alive.
3. Have a late night and make smores
We're strict on bedtimes usually but to get some biscuits, some chocolate, marshmallows and a disposable BBQ to toast them over!
4. Fish and Chips on the shore
We'll walk down to our local shore about 25 minutes away and eat chips by the water, no phones, just fun together.
5. Feed the ducks
Grab a bag of oats and sit together and feed the ducks, we can chat about whatever we want as we feed the ducks together.
6. Eat ice cream and not worry about the mess
I'm constantly on stand by with baby wipes but we'll go to our local ice cream parlour and eat ice cream and let the Lucas and Iris get as messy as they like.
7. Popcorn and Movie day
Not all hot days need to be spent outside, I get super exhausted a LOT so for me it's important to stay inside somedays and the kids never mind either. I think in this heat it's important to have days hidden inside a cooler house out of the sun too.
8. Pool party!
Fill up the pool and invite a friend of Lucas' over and let the day be about him and his friend! Iris sees her friends a lot more than Lucas does so I want him to have fun with his friends too.
9. Dance like no one is watching
Put on Disney songs, close the curtains and DANCE! dance like no one is watching, dance together, spin and twirl and laugh too!
10. Go on a Gruffalo hunt?
My Nan said something about us possibly driving out to Moors Valley, so once my Grandad is feeling a bit better this may be something we can do, it may not happen as my Grandad's recovery is most important but this would be a fun thing to tick off the list.
11. Catch a train somewhere
We could even tie this into eating chips on the beach, we could head to Bournemouth beach for the day, or maybe the forest. Lucas loves getting on the train, so this could be a great day out.
12. A crafty, dressing up kinda day!
Another indoor day but we could craft in the Morning and dress up and play together all afternoon as a family of 4!

I have only written 2 a week as I work 2 days a week and one week Brad works 5 and the other he works 2 so one week is a lot busier and we don't have a lot of time for adventures together, so that week is usually filled with playdates or Mummy days. I don't want to spend a lot of money as we have a lot to pay out for anyway over the next few months so free or cheap days are key for us!

I am looking forward to the summer holidays all together before we lose Lucas to the government's rules and regulations in September!

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