30 July 2018


When we thought about having baby number three, we had plans to have a car, a three bedroom house/flat and I always wanted to decorate a nursery. When we were surprised by baby number three earlier than we'd imagined, the only thing I was a little sad about was purely the fact I'd never be able to decorate a nursery whilst pregnant. With Lucas we were in a one bedroom flat, with Iris she was going to be sharing a room with Lucas, so this time round I decided to de-clutter our home and make a part of our room a nursery space to decorate. It may not be the nursery I planned but I am happy nonetheless with how it's turned out.

I have hidden the name bunting where I have written *baby boy name* or *baby girl name* for obvious reasons but I wanted to share with you the other parts and i'll link as much as I can. We've gone for a Moomin theme of course and I am loving how it's turned out, it's so sweet and neutral but I didn't want boring neutral either. I wanted some colour, fun and wanted to incorporate a character without looking tacky too.

I'll start by the shelves, they're IKEA, the wooden shelf is £1.90 and the plastic brackets are 50p each. You will need a box of screws as they don't come with the shelf! I usually get FIXA for £4 which means I have screws for other things too. We then drilled a metal rail called Kungsfors underneath to hang baby's clothing on. We have used the wrong screws so we do have a screw poking out the top but none of the children can reach it to hurt themselves and Brad and I know they're poking out.

On the shelves we purchased some Moomin plushes, We bought Moomin Pappa, Moomin Mamma, Little My and Snufkin. I really want all the characters but I guess there is a time you have to stop! Haha. I ordered from Amazon too the book 'The curious explorer's guide to moomin house' and moominvalley for the curious explorer which is awesome and I love that I can read to baby all about how the Moomin house looks and how Moomin Valley is, and even though they'll never be taking it all in, as they get a little older we can get them some Moomin figures to play with or we can play with the plushes and get their imagination going. We can watch the Moomins whilst we lay awake cluster feeding into the early hours of the morning and well, my imagination is running wild but it's pretty cute to think about.

I chose the book Moominland Midwinter to go on the shelf because our baby is due in Winter so I thought that was really sweet. There are so many Moomin books and things I want but I have stopped myself as baby is due just before christmas and although we're going to be evil parents and buy them nothing as in my eyes their first proper christmas will be in 2019 and we'll be going shopping for gender specific clothing just after Christmas anyway! There is also a baby art my little treasure box  .which will be used to store baby's smaller memories and a Mamas and Papa's baby journal which has the cutest illustrations and looks like Brad and I, I think.

On the second shelf we have a very cute Moomin plush bag, it's so funny and I like it placed on the shelf. I have placed some Moomin soft skittles next to the bag as I thought they were nice and colourful. These were a gift for Lucas for his first birthday. I'm looking forward to these being played with again too.

Underneath the shelves are some prints! The photoframe with the A4 print is from Flying Tiger which is not for sale online, the print was a gift for Lucas for his first birthday but he has kindly said baby can have it. It's for sale HERE. The other frames are Amazon and I wanted white but because I didn't want to pay out for another A4 sized frame, I went for black to match. The prints came from Etsy and they're beautiful. They're postcards and came from Helsink, Finland and the seller dispatched them so incredibly quickly too. I went for this design HERE because the baby may not love the Moomins forever (they will be disowned, joking) so they can go on my frame wall when that day comes, I didn't want to go for babyfied ones for that reason. They're so Autumnal, artsy and I just love them.

I also hung a cloud mobile next the frames to cover some of the wall damages (being rented theres only so much i'll pay to do) This wasn't expensive and in all honesty that shows BUT it is really sweet on a budget.

Finally in regards to wall decor we have the gold polka dot stickers, the littles have colourful ones in their role play corner but I wanted subtle gold ones for this room. They're really cheap from Amazon and are amazing. They came within a few days of ordering too.

On the right we have an old chest of drawers, we will get the baby it's own furniture when we finally move but as it stands we don't have the space for a nice set of drawers or even an Ikea Kallax draw like Lucas and Iris have to store their clothing in. I only wanted the draws for vests,  (trousers, tights or leggings) and sleepsuits once we know their gender and go and buy them nice little outfits, so this chest of drawers may not look the prettiest but it is all thats needed and we're not spending money pointlessly.

On the draws is a wicker basket which I have no idea where or how I came to own this but it is cute, it has a pack of Mama bear baby wipes which I bulk bought from Amazon prime now the other day, some nipple balm for those early breastfeeding days Kit&Kin and Mama mio and some size 2 nappies. This will be my changing basket for upstairs, we have one downstairs too but I wont be filling that until the end of November as Iris gets her own nappy and wipes for nappy changes and she'll end up getting the wrong size and the newborn wipes instead of hers. Lucas also is a nightmare and bless his heart, he's trying but pulls out my baby wipes and cleans the house, which is NOT ideal.
There's also a changing mat shoved down the side of the chest of drawers, this does not indicate the gender of the baby, we really haven't found out, this was Iris' and I refuse to buy a new one when this one is more than adequate. After all it is just a pink cloud changing mat.

I also have a battery powered moomin nightlight for when I need to breastfeed in the night and only want a subtle light, I do need to buy an actual lamp for my bedside table for when I need to change a nappy and feed and what not. What I didn't realise when I bought this lamp is that it's the black and white version of two of the prints I bought. So, I am really pleased with that.
I have also put a candle from the white company next to the basket purely to look nice more than anything. I also just want to say that I did NOT spend £35 on a candle and it was a gift! I mean its lovely and all but thats a lot of money for a candle.

Then we have the snuzpod, the snuzpod is the pinky, purple, greyish colour and is the Snuzpod2 blush, we bought it when we were expecting Iris and the colour doesn't matter in regards to the baby's gender, it is around £199.99 with mattress I believe. The snuzpod will become a bedside crib once baby arrives but for now it looks nice over in the "nursery space". In time the cot will go there until we move but I am not putting it up until the baby is ready to transition to it as I like the space in our room.

I have bought new snuz sheets for it this time round as Iris had the pink bird ones. I've gone for the grey cloud nine set which you can buy in Jojo Maman bebe without the blanket and just the sheets which is what I wanted. I didn't want the blanket with it as i'd already spent £30 on a special one.

The blanket we went for was a knitted moomin one from an etsy seller she lives in Latvia and ships really fast. She is also who I bought Lucas' moomin first birthday banner from. It's beautiful and I can't wait for them to be snuggled in it in December.

Finally in the crib are two bigger plushes of Moomin and Snorkmaiden. I had originally bought the Moomin before we had our twelve week scan it was one of my first purchases along with the blanket and some Christmas sleepsuits in the NEXT sale but when I was looking at plushes for the book shelves I decided Moomin needed snorkmaiden in his size to keep him company.

I am so happy with how it's turned out and without a huge budget too. There are a lot of Moomin decor i'd like to buy but i'm behaving myself for now. I just want December to arrive so I can snuggle my little Moomin.

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