28 July 2018


Here we are at 21 weeks! We had our scan a couple of days ago and got to see our tiny baby wiggling and jiggling around on the scan.  It was so lovely and i've also had a massive bump growth and a had a lot of movements over the past two days too which is exciting. We only have 3 weeks until viability and that's always a huge milestone, although of course as much as we want to meet our tiny bundle, we'd much prefer if we didn't meet our baby at 24 weeks. 
Our scan went really well and baby is looking wonderful, I've fished our Iris' 20 week scan results but I cannot find Lucas' so i'm guessing the hospital nabbed them back!
I love comparing them and seeing the difference. 

Head circumference
Iris: 182.6mm
Baby: 171.9mm

Posterior Ventricle

Iris: 8.4mm
Baby: 5.3mm

Transcerebellar Diameter
Iris: 20.5mm
Baby: 19.6mm

Abdominal Circumference

Iris: 166.6mm
Baby: 151.0mm

Femur Length
Iris: 32.9mm
Baby: 33.4mm

The lady said baby was measuring perfectly for their gestation, heart was healthy, bladder looked great and two kidneys spotted (bonus). I am slightly concerned that this baby is smaller than Iris and can't compare to Lucas' to see but if they're not worried then neither should I be. I'm guessing i'm just growing another tiny baby.

The movements since Thursday have been amazing, i'm feeling so many more movements and they make me so happy. They are starting to show outside vibrations too. I can feel them wiggling about and feeling kicks on my bladder too. I love the movement stage, it just feels so lovely.

We haven't found out the gender and a part of me feels like I saw a willy but then at the same time she was measuring the femur's and it could have easily been a cord and it didn't look like either Lucas' gender photos or Iris' so i'm not sure. We really don't mind either way so i'm just excited to have December arrive! 

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: Cantaloupe or a cap on Ovia
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: getting to 24 weeks so I know baby will be given a chance if they come early.
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: feeling the strong movements
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: Nothing this week
IM CRAVING: Nothing still!
IM LOVING:  feeling baby move! 
I'VE BEEN MEANING TO: Take a daytime nap at some point!

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