25 July 2018


This pregnancy has been soooo hard on my body and I'm only 20 weeks pregnant. I have been nauseous, exhausted, my skin and hair are suffering and achy as heck, so looking after my body is so important and something I really need to start doing and being a lot more strict on. Pregnancy has always been tough on my skin but four pregnancies in under five years, my body is begging for me to look after it and it is definitely something I have been more strict on this pregnancy.

Bath time is something that even in this heat I enjoy! I have a cooler bath in this heat but I love to relax, it really helps my back ache and I just enjoy shutting off from the world when the littles have gone to bed. 

I love feeling really clean and relaxed before I go to bed. Especially, in this heat, a nice bath, a good skin care routine, fresh summer PJ's and clean bedsheets (obviously not every night). I have a pretty good skin care collection I have grown over the years, especially stretch mark oils and creams, which i'm pretty grateful for as I haven't had to buy anything this pregnancy. 

My current face skin care routine consists of this superdrug dupe of the Estee Lauder hot cloth cleanser, I use it after using the simple face wash to remove my make up. I have a muslin cloth which came with the cleanser to wash my face with and it leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. It smells lovely too. One thing I have been struggling with this pregnancy is bad skin. I'm constantly breaking out. It's a nightmare. So, I want to make sure my face is always clean. 

I will occasionally put a face mask on, once a fortnight I will use the L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay facemask I don't like to over use facemask's as they obviously unclog and unblock and break you out. 

During my bath I use a body shop exfoliating soap with a bath lily. It smells lovely and it's the perfect Summer scent. I love gingerbread, pumpkin spice and sweet cosy scents, so in Summer I embrace the fruity scents. 

I also love to relax with Youtube, Iplayer, ITV hub or All 4. I tend to watch The Michalaks on Youtube and things like the Handmaids tale, corrie, hospital documentaries or one born every minute.

My skin care after the bath includes the Dooley Scrumptious body balm, which they have changed the packaging for. It smells lovely and I smother it on my hips, bump and thighs to help with the stretch marks I gained in my previous pregnancies and want to stop this pregnancy making them awful. I love that I don't feel greasy for ages too. I usually walk around to let it dry for a while or put my waist band on over the top to help it sink in.

I also use the Mama Mio pregnancy boob tube to help with the stretch marks I have on my breasts due to my excessive weight gain in my first pregnancy and the breast feeding journey with Iris. It once again smells lovely and dries really quickly. 
I have also been using Mama Mio lucky legs too which i've ran out of, which I cannot express how sad I am about because in this heat it was a god send and smelt a bit like Christmas which was getting me excited. 

 Looking after your body and skin is so important in Pregnancy and something I have never taken seriously and now really regret. Hence why this pregnancy I am eating healthier, using creams and balms and looking after my back a bit better, well as much as I can do.

I know for one apart from the exhaustion I feel a lot better in this pregnancy and my confidence is also a lot better too.

*Disclaimer: This is NOT a review or collab post, some of the products were gifted in my previous pregnancy with Iris but I have not been asked to talk about these products in this blog post*

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