23 July 2018


We're half way there! What? Wow. It's so cliche, but it does feel like its all going really quickly. I am finding things falling into place, I've been seriously nesting already and being super eager to turn our tiny two bedroom house into a place where a baby can slot in and not feel like we're cluttered. I mean, I am no minimalist, I can't be, my husbands a hoarder and my kids have more toys than Smyths but either way it feels so great and my life feels a lot less messy. July has been an expensive month but we're ready for baby already and that is exactly how I wanted this to be.


With this baby being unexpected the timing was obviously worrying for us but of course there was no doubt in our mind that we wouldn't make it work. The Summer holidays are busy, I have two children home all the time for the next six weeks and am losing that 15 hours of childcare, which on one hand we could use to plod along and get things organised a little slower BUT at the same time is lovely as it means I get six week to snuggle my boy and have playdates with friends before the next huge milestone, School. I also NEED to fill in my tax return this month so i'm not trying to do it with my hands tied with a newborn and lack of sleep in January! NO thank you!

This is another reason we're so organised, Lucas starts school in September, don't hate me but all his clothes, shoes and accessories are bought, labelled hung up and ready for him to start school. I like to be organised if time allows. I want September to be stress free, focusing on getting Lucas into his new routine, getting him used to homework, settling into school as well as us. I also will need to do an Autumn clothes shop for both Lucas and Iris, and a small one for myself, stuff I can wear pregnant and stuff I can breastfeed in. I'm thinking leggings, vests and Jumpers again like when I had Iris. A nice comfy pair of tan chelsea boots are a must too, predictable Nicole every Autumn/Winter.
Then come October, its halloween, I have a blog trip away, we want to go away to stay with Brad's Mum, and also doing my Christmas shopping, I want it wrapped and ready to go by mid November latest. Lucas came at 36 weeks, Iris 39, I'm hoping this baby stays put until the 7th but babies are unpredictable and I do NOT want to be breastfeeding a newborn whilst wrapping presents either. Our tree will be going up the last week of November too.

I am planning on going on maternity leave mid November around the 15th November. I'll be 37 weeks then. I want to get as much time with this baby this time. With Lucas I returned to work when he was 7 months old and with Iris she was a little older than one because I worked self employed for a while too.

It's been a really busy four weeks since the last update, I've had a sick bug, the kids had sick bugs, I've been working a lot and enjoying it, i've discovered i've lost a lot of weight, which was unintentional but i'm really happy about as I want to feel confident and healthy this pregnancy, I want to make dropping the baby weight easier too. It's happened because the first 13 weeks or so I had no appetite and just felt sicky all the time (although i've only vomited once this pregnancy - aside from the sick bug) and it's shrunk my stomach (the inside one, clearly! Haha!) and it's resulted in small portions, I can't finish a plate of food in a restaurant and am now considering ordering from children's menus! Then the sick bug added to that and made that even worse. I eat small portions, little and often. I do still enjoy crisps, sweets and chocolate.
I am also feeling sporadic movements, they're not always noticeable but I am feeling pushing feelings, that aren't quite strong enough to show on the outside, although my belly definitely has one side higher than the other side at times! I also feel little kicks and punches and I just love it. It still doesn't feel real but it's making me really excited. My scan is on Wednesday and i'm really nervous about it. Third baby but i'm most anxious about scan's this time. I have no idea why, i'm just more anxious in regards to scans this time.  

BABY IS THE SIZE OF:  A Mango and a paper airplane by Ovia
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: having the scan, as much as i'm nervous I want to see their little face again and see them in their alien form.
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: Finally, feeling some movements!
I HAVE BEEN FEELING: Exhausted, still so exhausted.
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: Our pram, a bouncer, "nursery area" bits & baby wipes.
IM CRAVING: nothing really, I enjoy bacon, crisps, fruit and ice poles but no real cravings.
IM LOVING: Seeing my bump growing and feeling them popping around.
I'VE BEEN MEANING TO: Do my tax return!

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