5 August 2018


Twenty two weeks pregnant! Twenty two weeks with this tiny baby, growing them and being their Mum. Which I find a weird statement because I say I am a Mum of two but at the same time, I am a Mum of three and I already have this bond with them and I feel it's so strange that once they're born they belong to me and Brad and they're not just mine.
I already know that i'm going to feel so incredibly sad and miss pregnancy so much when baby arrives and the fact i'm never going to do it again is a bit sad too BUT at the same time I cannot wait to snuggle this tiny baby in December and I really am so excited to meet them and love them earth side and not just in the womb!

This week we've had so much movement, I absolutely love feeling them move and its started feeling really, really real and I just love feeling them wiggling around and seeing my stomach start to shake and vibrate. There is something so special about feeling them move and seeing it on the outside too. I feel so incredibly content about it.

This week i've weighed myself and I STILL weigh less than I did before I was pregnant and I am so proud. Baby and all the extra bits needed around this time weigh about 8lbs so if I was to take off this I would weigh less than what I weighed before I had Iris too (when I was going to the gym and dieting hard) so I am really happy. I want to keep this and keep eating healthily because losing the weight afterwards will be a lot easier too. 

This week we've enjoyed watching Disney movies whilst it poured with rain outside and I've enjoyed cooking hearty meals again! I've been thinking about easy prepping dinners too for when Autumn and Winter come so I can batch cook and freeze things ready for when baby arrives. I am looking at easy slow cooker recipes too! (please leave me good slow cooker recipes)

We've also booked baby's first holiday for March too! We're heading to Disneyland Paris 3 days after my 26th birthday and we're so excited. We have a lot of saving to do but it will be so, so worth it! I cannot wait. It's been a busy and expensive week again but that's life and it's all worth it for when October and November come and we only have to worry about putting money aside for Disney instead of christmas shopping, baby shopping, school uniform shopping, Autumn clothes shopping, ect... by the end of September I will be wrapped with Christmas gifts, clothes shopping completed and baby shopping done too! So we can spend October doing exciting Autumnal things and November relaxing and nesting (putting up the christmas dec's the last week of November) and going on maternity leave and then in December we can focus on waiting for baby to arrive, focusing on a newborn and helping the kids adapt to change whilst we watch christmas films and sing christmas songs! eeek.

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: Corn on the cob or a water bottle by Ovia
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: Brad feeling the baby move! Baby stops when he touches my stomach.
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: Me feeling baby move from the outside
I HAVE BEEN FEELING: Excited and have been having a LOT of heartburn
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: Their first trip to Disneyland Paris!
IM CRAVING: Nothing but I enjoy custard but it's not a craving.
IM LOVING: Getting organised!
I'VE BEEN MEANING TO: Take a bath instead of a shower and soak my achy body!

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