7 August 2018


I was going to do this in a vlog but the more I put off make excuses about making sit down videos the more I realise I just don't like doing them and the pressure is so intense. I much prefer family videos and I think that my youtube channel will just remain as a family vlogging channel, documenting our day to day life with a VERY occasional "sit down" video. That being said, I thought I'd put this into a blog post instead. I mean, who doesn't love reading about baby names? I know I love it!

As we aren't finding out what we're having we've drawn up a list of 5 boys names and 5 girls names we love but wont be using. With both Lucas and Iris' pregnancies we found out their gender at 16 weeks and shared their names, this time we're not doing that so we're keeping their potential names off social media until they're born. Family and friends know the names so if you're one of those lucky ones, then shhh! haha.
We love both our Girl and Boy name and we're excited to use either of them in December.

1. Lottie (Charlotte)
I have ALWAYS loved the name Lottie for a little girl and of course is one that grows with the child to adulthood too. The problem is my Mum is Lottie and I like our children to have their own identity. I never mind using family names for middle names, Lucas has my brother's name for his middle name and this baby will have a family name as their middle name either gender but as a first name I think it should be their own name, so they have their own identity.

2. Olive
As you can tell we have a thing for old fashioned baby girls names, thats the only hint you're getting in regards to this baby's name if it's a girl. Olive is very close to Oliver which is my brothers name and Lucas' middle name, so it wouldn't work as I can imagine yelling Olive and my brother yelling back mishearing us. I also don't want a baby girl of ours spending their life saying "It's Olive, not Oliver" like I spend my time saying "I'm Nicole, not Nicola."

3. Melody
This was a potential name for a while, Brad loved it and I loved the Disney connection too (Ariel's Daughter). As well as being my favourite Disney princesses Daughter's name, Brad's a musician so it was quite a sweet name to embrace his music love too. Unfortunately the more I said it the more I started to go off it.

4. Penelope
Again, another old fashioned name and we'd have likely shortened it to Penny but I am finding the rise in this name's popularity. Which is silly because our potential girls name is up there with popularity and Lucas' name has got more and more popular and potentially if we'd have looked at popular baby name charts when naming him, he may have ended up as something else but he does suit Lucas. I love Penny/Penelope but I can't imagine having a Lucas, Iris and Penelope.

5. Violet
Violet was Iris' name for a while, I loved it, it's not overly common and Violet Wyn was very pretty but Brad had gone off it and we went with Iris instead, obviously. Violet is such a pretty name but Brad just doesn't love it. So, we're not going to be naming our tiny baby Violet if they're a girl.

1. Arthur
I love the name Arthur, Brad liked it but said he couldn't imagine us with a Lucas, Iris and Arthur! When my best friend told us she was naming her son Arthur I was so happy because it meant I could buy personalised things with the name Arthur on. I still love it but it wasn't the right name for our family.

2. Atlas
I LOVE Atlas, I love how cool and quirky it is and for the adventurers in us I love that it has an adventure meaning to it too. Brad doesn't like super unusual names so obviously he wrote Atlas off pretty quickly. I would love someone to use the name Atlas though, so if someone is pregnant with a boy! Use it.

3. River
Again, Brad wrote this off pretty quickly but I just love it. It again has an outdoorsy theme to it and is super cute. I really love the sound of River but Brad wasn't sure so it was off our potential list. It's also getting quite popular too.

4. Ezra
Ezra, is a lovely name and a name that i've always liked since watching Pretty Little Liars, I am also a fan of George Ezra so if I can't have him, I can name my kid after him right? Brad is saying no sadly. Maybe I could push for him to go with Ezra as a middle name?

5. Noah
A name thats been on my list since I was pregnant with Lucas but it's become a lot more popular and Brad just doesn't like it enough. I think because it's biblical and we're not really, religious Brad just doesn't want to name our child it. I think it's a really nice name though.

Choosing our names this time were surprisingly easy, but that being said, we still took a while to completely agree. I have chosen the girls first name and Brad has chosen the boys name but we both love the names and have agreed. Now, all that we need to do is wait until December to see if we're have a baby Boy or baby Girl! Then we can name them officially instead of saying baby Girl *name* or baby Boy *name*.

What would be on your baby name list?

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