11 August 2018


TWENTY THREE WEEKS! We're a week away from viability! Not that we're ready for you yet baby, we're definitely waiting longer for you please! This weeks been exciting as we've been seeing movement from the outside and i've been feeling it for over 2 weeks now BUT Brad FINALLY felt baby kick or move on the outside and it was just so exciting. I think it's made it all feel a little more real for him now.

This week i've been super anxious, i'm not sure why just think because I want this so much, even though it was a surprise, I don't want anything to go wrong, I also just am overwhelmed with emotions. I cry and talk to my stomach a lot when i'm on my own, tears of happiness and joy, I promise. I just feel so grateful, lucky and overwhelmed but I suppose when you're in the area I am of blogging, instagramming and things it's so easy to see heartbreak and sadness surrounding people's fertility, losses and things and you just find yourself either ignoring it or doing what I do and feeling so entirely grateful that you become emotional and nervous about everything.

I have been thinking about what they will look like a lot this week too, will they look like Lucas, Iris, Brad or I don't even know. Lucas and Iris look like siblings but then Lucas looks like me and Iris looks like my Mum with a very slight hint of Brad, but it's only slight. Their personality too, Iris' personality is very different to Lucas' so it will be interesting to see what this baby is like. Then again we don't know their gender either so it's all a complete mystery! It's strange as I don't feel like I know anything about them at all. We have their name ready for each gender but at the same time I haven't a clue which one they're be named until they are born and we know their gender. I suppose it's exciting though.

I am just trying to get organised at the moment and get everything sorted so I can relax! Wish me luck. 

BABY IS THE SIZE OF: A bunch of grapes or a Barbie Doll
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: Getting to payday so I can start sorting the last of the christmas shopping, halloween costumes and relaxing then.
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: Brad feeling baby kick
I HAVE BEEN FEELING: Exhausted still, will this just be the constant feeling this pregnancy
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: Nothing this week!
IM CRAVING: Nothing still, weird.
IM LOVING: Thinking of the future with three
I'VE BEEN MEANING TO: Have a lie in! 

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