26 June 2018


A question i've been asked a lot is "will we still plan to travel when we have three children?" and i've been thinking about it a lot. I holidayed a lot in the past but anxiety and finances got in the way for a while and I lost any interest in it. At the beginning of 2018 I changed my mind and was due to go away once a month from January to June and then September to November too. Of course our holiday to Stockholm in October has been changed to a mini break to Wiltshire to visit Brad's Mum and step-Dad and our big holiday to Helsinki to Moomin world in February has also been cancelled but when I think about our holidays this year and the future of them I have been really thinking hard about it.
The looks on the littles faces this year and all the things they've learnt and memories they've made is enough for me to answer with a firm YES, yes we will still plan to travel when we have three children. Of course it's going to be more expensive and a little harder but if Katie Ellison can do it, so can I. I'm under no allusion that it's going to be easy, cheap and the same as travelling with two but I will absolutely make sure we do everything in our power to continue to travel.

Travelling has become a passion of ours since the beginning of the year and i'm realising more and more that life isn't about filling your house with plants, copper decor and beautiful furniture. (If you cannot afford to do both) but about filling your hearts with love and heads (and hard drives) with memories. Spending time together and enjoying every moment.

Of course, this isn't always affordable for everyone, I know that i've been in a position for many years where we were't financially in a position for us to do lots of lovely holidays, well any at all, but for us, as long as we can afford it, even if it means sacrificing a coffee date with friends, dinner out or a day trip to a theme park in order to see somewhere else in the world, we'll do it.

I want to show the littles the beauty of the world, when theres so much ugliness in it. We're really grateful for Brad for working so hard to provide for us and for my blog and photography business for giving us an extra income at times on top of my part time job in care.

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