28 June 2018


Sibling training is underway and Lucas is taking charge and is ready to show Iris all she needs to know. Lucas is strangely not around babies as much as Iris and he probably doesn't even remember having a newborn in the house. Lucas has always been really helpful with Iris, he gets her nappies and wipes for bum changes, puts bums in the bin, helps her reach things and shares MOST of the time. 

Lucas has taken an interest in kissing my tummy and playing with dolls, he's really gentle and loves cuddling baby born.
We've caught him a few times trying to change Iris' bum in the morning when they first wake up. Once we found a "mess" in their bedroom and Iris' nappy off and Lucas said that he had tried to help her change her bum. It was cute but at the same time we can all agree, not helpful. So, it's been quite nice for him to have doll that he's allowed to change the bum of without making a mess.

He loves sitting the doll on the potty and he knows that the baby wont use a potty for a long time as Iris can't even use a potty yet. I do like that you press the belly button and it does a wee though.

Lucas has taken pride in feeding the doll and giving it a bottle and rocking it to sleep and just being super cute with it. We've had a lot of comments regarding Lucas playing with dolls and in all honesty it does bother me. The kid is training to be a big brother, a future Dad, potential childcare assistant or nurse, he's wonderful and caring and i'm proud of him.
He's actually one of those kids who will be pushing a pram and playing one minute and the next minute he's crashing cars into each other! He hits the typical "boy stereotype" just as much.

I'm really proud of Lucas, he's so caring with this doll, he loves showing Iris what to do too and it's really refreshing to watch. One minute he wants a Sister at the moment and then he wants a Brother, he has no idea what he wants. One thing I do know is he is going to be yet again the proudest big brother.

I'm not sure i'll be encouraging him to change the new baby's or Iris' bum anytime soon and will be hoping he sticks purely to the dolls but he is showing how amazing he is.
I love hearing them play in their room when they wake up in the Morning and I love watching them play house throughout the day too. They have a doll each, Lucas with baby born and Iris with her my first baby Annabell and they have a lot of teamwork.

The baby born interactive doll is definitely more suited to Lucas' age than Iris'. The doll is a little heavy for Iris to carry, she doesn't know how to make things work whereas Lucas does and she doesn't appreciate it. We are yet to put the baby in the bath with them but it's something we're planning on doing. 

Lucas loved the matching bracelets that came with the doll, he didn't wear it long until he chewed it and broke it but it was cute to take a picture of. 
I love watching Iris play with her doll and Lucas play with his baby born. I feel like dolls are a great way to encourage so many different skills. I am loving watching him play and learn and I also love the nostalgic factor from when I used to play with the same dolls when I was younger too.

*We were sent Baby Born to review in return for an honest blog post. All words, photos and opinions are my own*

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