24 June 2018


You'd think being on baby number 3 we'd be organised with hand-me-down's well... you couldn't be more wrong, we have a cot, a snuzpod and a handful of gender specific sleepsuits and an ergo we are borrowing from a friend. We sold our pram, sleepyhead and car seat when we had decided to hold off having another baby. So, now we're on the hunt for things again.
I thought i'd put together a little post of things we're looking at, things we like and things we need. The chances are the items listed wont be the ones we end up with in the end but from a browse on the internet, these are the ones that have caught our eye.

1. SLEEPYHEAD DELUXE - I have always LOVED a sleepyhead, Iris would not sleep without one when she was born, she was a very clingy baby and I found she loved being snuggled up in the sleephead as she felt like she was being held still. I sold ours about 3 weeks before I found out I was pregnant. I couldn't even believe our luck. I really loved the sleepyhead with Iris and want one again this time too.

2. PLAYGYM - I'm currently in love with the moomin playgym, it's a bit pricey but i'm in love with it. I'm desperate for it. I have looked at cheaper alternatives and other alternatives too and am keeping my options open for sure.

3. BOUNCER - I LOVE the nuna rocker, I have seen once again cheaper alternatives and other alternatives and am once again keeping my options open. Iris spent a lot of time in hers but it was a cheapy one from argos and our legs used to get really tired from having to keep bouncing her, Lucas loved his too, so i'm sure this baby will be the exact the same.

4. NEW PRAM - I am going to do a prams we're lusting over post too, so keep an eye out for that, but we need a new pram because like everything, we've sold it. which is annoying but that does mean for our final baby I get to go pram shopping! YAY.

5. CAR SEAT - I love the maxi cosi one but hopefully we'll get one that goes with whatever pram we chose. Where we don't drive we do rely on the car seat strapping into a car and going on to the pram base a lot because we have rely on taxi's or sometimes family to get us too and from places occasionally.

6. SNUZPOD SHEETS - We do have two pink snuzpod sheets but because we're not finding out the gender need to have some neutral ones, I LOVE these ones and the cloud ones too. they're really lovely and neutral stuff is just lovely anyway.

7. EWAN THE DREAMSHEEP - We have one already which has been used for 2 years and if we can we'd like a new one. We've had a Ewan since Lucas was born and we got a new one when we had Iris. Both mine have always loved the sound of white noise, so i'd love to have a nice fluffy new one for this bean.

8. CHANGING BAG - I've had a yummy mummy one since I had Lucas and considering this is our last bundle of joy, i'd like to get a lot of new bits and bobs and enjoy having some new bits. I've been eying up a tan leather changing bag for years! I like the bags that look like handbags but have handy Mum slots.

9. A BIRTHPOOL IN A BOX - I am really hoping for a home birth! I don't know whether my hospital is in an area where they loan them out for free, I know a few NHS maternity hospitals do but if I have to rent one, i'm looking forward to renting one out and hopefully having the birth I really want!

10. CANON G7X - I know this isn't a baby purchase as such but Brad struggles using my canon dslr as he gets a shakey wrist when filming and struggles with focusing and things and with wanting to document a LOT of my birth a new camera would help a lot!

I'm looking forward to start baby shopping and i'll be sure to share a LOT on the blog and youtube channel too!
Making the most out of my last pregnancy and last addition to our family!

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