23 June 2018


*This is a collaborative post with Destinations2 to promote their festivals from around the world campaign*

Visiting Croatia in April was amazing, as you already know but when I think of going back, I know I want to go back and do something different and Dubrovnik's summer festival which is running between July 10th and August 25th sounds right up my cobbled street. 
Destination2 are focusing on festivals from around the world this summer and Croatia came to was the first place that came to my mind and I couldn't think of a better place to write about. 

Dubrovnik's summer festival sees more that 80 performances including music, film, dance and theatre and with the open-air performances taking place in between the beautiful walls of the old town it's an absolutely dreamy location to visit.
The festival started in 1950 and has run annually since within the same dates and attracts the best Croatian artists and some international names too, so you'll be immersed in Croatian culture, which is exactly what you need when travelling.
The summer festival also attracts lots of different kinds of people to the festival every year. So, you'll be mingling with lots of different people with a range of ages, interests, cultures, nationalities and characteristics.

Enjoying the festival will be so easy, it's a beautiful place. You can enjoy food in the restaurants in the old town and then enjoy the talent and culture, with breathtaking views around you.
I've also read that the best place to watch the fireworks on the 10th July is at Ploče gate, where you can see the fireworks and view above Lokrum and the Old town. I can imagine how beautiful this is as it's a beautiful view anyway!

There are numerous indoor stages as well as outdoor stages, some of the outdoor locations include stages in front of the Cathedral and St. Blaise's Church, the great Onofrio fountain and the Island of Lokrum and the indoor ones include, Rectors Palace Atrium and Sponza Palace Artrium.
Beautiful backdrops for beautiful performances.

Take a look at booking via Destination2, Hotel Uvala was the one up from where we stayed and it's beautiful and has an easy bus route into the old town from right outside, but there are others to look at too on the website. Get booking!

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