13 May 2018


Our littles aren't particularly spoilt, they want for nothing and their grandparents and great grandparents like to treat them regularly but with Brad and I we don't tend to spoil them but one thing we enjoy doing (I enjoy doing) is shopping for nice clothes for them. I tend to spend a lot of money on their clothing and certainly am envious of their wardrobes. most of their clothing comes from Next, Zara and river island but occasionally I pick up some gems in Primark, independent companies and supermarkets. 

I get a lot of messages about where the kids clothes come from and they are usually tagged on Instagram but sometimes its nice to put it into a post.
If the items are Primark I cannot add any links due to the fact they don't have an online store.

The first picture was from our first day when we just arrived and as they'd travelled in their pyjamas, we changed them when we checked into our hotel. 

Lucas wears:
Shorts: Primark - £3.50 
T-shirt: Sainsburys - £3.50
Espadrilles: NEXT / younger boys - £8.50-£10.50 (chambray)

Iris wears:
Shirt: Zara - £12.99
Jeans: Zara - £10.99 (blue)
Espadrilles: NEXT / younger boys - £8.50-£10.50 (grey stripe)

The next day we headed to the Island of Lokrum and the littles looked so cool, they were admired a lot in Dubrovnik for their outfits and their behaviour which made me feel really proud.

Iris wears:
Tutu skirt: Zara (sold out online I will link an alternative on in the same style but in pink polka dot)
Top: Zara - £7.99
Sunglasses: River Island - £6.00
Hat: NEXT - Last summer (I have linked an alternative)

Lucas wears:
Shirt: River Island (part of a set) - £22.00
Shorts: Primark - £3.50
sunglasses: River Island / older boys - £7.00
Hat: River Island - £8.00

The same night as we went to Lokrum, we decided to get the littles dressed up for dinner in an outfit from their Nanna and Buddha!

Iris wore:
Dress: Ted baker (her style is no longer for sale but heres the same style in a different colour print) - £32.00
Socks: Next - £5.00 - £6.00
Jelly shoes: Next - £7.00 - £8.00
Bow: Ali Express - 38p

Lucas wore:
Shirt: Ted Baker - £20
Jeans: River Island (part of a set) - £22
Shoes: Next - £9.00 - £10.00 (cobalt) Also paired with a pair of Iris' socks to stop them rubbing his feet.
Hat: River Island (already linked above)

The next day we headed to the old town.

Iris wears:
Shirt: NEXT -£7.00
Jeans: River Island (already linked
shoes: NEXT
sunglasses: River Island
Hat: NEXT (last years)
(Anything not linked is linked previously)

Lucas wears:
Shirt: River Island - £10
Shorts: Primark - £3.50
Hat: River Island - £8.00
Sunglasses: River Island - £7.00
(Anything not linked is linked previously)

Iris also rocked this cute unicorn dungaree from Radiant Chaos which is £25.00.
and a swimsuit from last year's summer range from Next too (which I picked up for £5 in the sale.)

There was also an outfit I purchased from Ollie and Millies which is a Bambi romper and bow which was £10

Finally the cutest matching swimwear from Next! It's in mono stipe and if you click the link HERE it will take you to both the boys and girls ones. It has lots of different designs to chose from too.

I am probably going to do posts like this quite regularly and we're off to Wales in 22 days for Lucas' birthday so i'll be sure to put one together for that too!