22 May 2018


*This is a paid collaboration with gifted items with a PR company in return for a blog post and social shares to promote teletubby playdates*

Something Iris and I do a lot is have playdates, especially with her two best friends Kaley and Olivia. Considering K & O are big Teletubbies fans it seemed so perfect to host a party for them! 
This was a great opportunity to get my creative head on and I was praying for no rain and thankfully that came true and we had a wonderful garden playdate. Garden times are much needed when you have 3 toddlers and a baby in tow. It can get very hectic and when you are in a confined space it can get a little busy to say the least. 

When I think of the Teletubbies I feel really nostalgic and it takes me back to my childhood which is so lovely, I love seeing the littles enjoying things I used to as a child it makes me feel really happy and fuzzy. I remember as a child saying that the baby in the sun was my brother as it looked like him but years later I discovered it was a girl.

I put on a small spread for the girls, it consisted of jam tubby shaped sandwiches, bear shaped crisps, jammy dodgers, banana, cucumber sticks, grapes and then I made a bowl of "tubby custard" which was Strawberry fromage frais with rainbow sprinkles in. I was going to buy a strawberry custard or strawberry mousse but I thought it was a little healthier to use strawberry fromage frais.
I also put berries in water to make flavoured water for the girls too.

The girls tucked straight into lunch when they arrived because they all love food, they're like vultures, they're constantly watching and waiting to pounce. I think they spend most of their time eating, just constantly eating. Everything went down well (except the cucumber - haha).

Keeping toddlers occupied is hard, especially when you have three of them, all with different personalities and different interests.
They coloured in some Tubby bunting flags in with Teletubbies crayons and it was about the only time they didn't move for a short period of time the whole day. They definitely didn't colour in the characters the right colour but thats okay, they're forgiven!

They also drew on the patio and the wall with giant chalks and played with all the Teletubbies toys. We had a blow up La-La and a talking Dipsy! Kaley had brought a talking La-La and a Teletubbies guitar and Olivia had brought a talking Po and a shuffling Ping. So, this meant there were enough Tubby toys to go around. This made it a proper Teletubbies party.
Even Kelsey got involved with the girls showing her the toys as she chilled inside the teepee. We can't wait until she gets bigger so she can join in too.

They surprised me with how good they were at the splat game! Both Kaley and Olivia managed to splat the Teletubbies but Iris got hers stuck to her fingers. She did impress me by keeping the blindfold on and giving it a go either way. 

The girls played so nicely together in the garden for hours and finished with half an hour watching a Teletubbies DVD to chill them out... which just made them more excited.
Iris has had such a lovely day and so did the other girls, they get on so well and playdates are such an important thing for us. Lucas goes to pre-school (forest school) so is outside everyday and has lots of friends to play with, he actually went back to his friends after school today too for dinner and a playdate which was a first for him and was lovely to see how happy (and exhausted) he was when he got home.
Playdates are so important for bonding, developing and social skills and it's something I try really hard to make sure it happens at least once a week to make sure they keep these bonds. Especially, as I just love watching them play.

Iris ended the day, exhausted and ready for bed with her Dipsy ready to catch some zzzz's ready for more playing the next day!

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