11 May 2018


Some days there is nothing better than making some cakes. Lucas is obsessed with the garden as you can imagine, the kid is outside ALL THE TIME at school, so he wanted to bake some garden cakes. We made a chocolate cupcake mix to start with and Lucas was so happy and loved the fact his baking outfit matched his bears.

Lucas loves role play, dressing up and playing adult and sometimes we focus so much on exploring and our adventures that we forget to do the little things at home like crafting and baking.

Lucas helped do everything, adding the mixture, breaking the eggs (without shell) and mixing using the electric whisk (with help from Daddy).
When they cakes were in the oven, I whipped up some green icing ready for Lucas to spoon on when the cakes had cooled.

Lucas loves baking, he cooks a lot of different food on the open fire at forest school and it's something we don't do enough at home because we're such an outdoorsy family that we rarely bake or do crafts as usually rain or shine we're outside anyway.
Lucas was your typical child who kept licking the mixture off his fingers.

Once the cakes had cooled, Lucas got on spooning the grass green icing onto the cakes and placing his daisies on the cake too.
His annual harrods bear watched on and offered Lucas support on putting the daisies in the correct place.

Something i've realised is baking is something we should do more as it doesn't take much time to chuck some cupcakes in the oven and Lucas loves it and as Iris gets older I know she will too. At the moment Iris just enjoys licking the spatula and putting her head in the bowl.

Role play is so important too for children's development and dressing them up in a chefs outfit while they bake is encouraging that.

*This post contains product placement of the Harrods Annual bear}
which was gifted to us.*