4 March 2018


Nothing is better than a cosy bath time treat after playing in the snow. This week Southampton saw the most snow i've seen in a long time and the kids loved it... well Iris loved it, Lucas bared it. On Thursday before I headed to work the kids had a lovely warm bath and we snuggled and read books and talked about our fun in the snow. Looking after their delicate little skin when they've had super cold little bottoms from sitting in the snow is really important.

We've used Bepanthen for years, since Lucas was born and I even used it on my tattoos for years before that. Being a blogger I have used lots of products over the years but Bepanthen has always been up the top and has protected our littles, little bottoms.

Bath time's are a perfect way to bond, play and end the day and they're usually my favourite part of the day. It's a quiet time of the day, the littles enjoy splashing around, we play games and it's a good way to calm them down and they always smell delightful afterwards. We brush their teeth and they always ask to brush their own teeth with is cute.

During Iris' nappy time I use Bepanthen and we sing songs and i massage her little toes and kiss them and we giggle together. Iris has never suffered with a nappy rash really, maybe once or twice since she was born and that was usually during an awful teething session. Bepanthen has always been a great as both my children have both had sensitive skin, more so Lucas and even now we still put some cream on his little bottom because he doesn't always clean himself properly.

Lucas even asked for some on his knees because he said they hurt. He is obsessed with cream on his body parts that hurt. I don't mind though in this cold weather elbows and knees get cold and sore so a little bit of Bepanthen will just help soothe them. There is something about bath times that make me feel really happy and content. I love the giggles and the cuddles and as strange as it sounds, sniffing their hair that smells like fruit and sweetness and it's lovely and them being wrapped in cute little hooded towels and it's just adorable. So cosy too!

After getting into fresh, warm pyjamas (kept on the radiator) we then all snuggle and read books before Iris settles down with milk and it's kisses and cuddles all round.
Perfect bedtime routine.

*We were gifted bepanthen in return for an honest review - all words and opinions are my own*