6 March 2018


Twice a week I get Iris time and it's lovely. Lucas had just over two years with myself and Brad solo before Iris was born so I like the two days I get with my darling daughter doing lots of fun things and spending time bonding with her and making memories like I did with Lucas when he was an only child. It's something I really look forward to and something I used to feel guilty about but no longer do as I know it's important for Iris to have that time too.
Time with Iris is important and it's a great time to bond with her, make our own memories and capture some really cute images for her to look back on when she's older and remember her solo days with Mama.

I've always been anti gender stereotyping but something I am super guilty of is dressing Iris in pretty little dresses, whenever I get the chance, a pretty headband and pair of Mary-Janes and frilly socks and I secretly (not so, now) love it. Just look at how beautiful she looks in these photos. The great thing about Iris is she pulls off so many styles of outfits, one minute she's in leggings and her brothers old band tee and the next she's in a beautiful outfit like this one from ROCO clothing. She has it all and she rocks so many different styles and owns so many different styles so occasionally dressing her up in a frilly pink outfit doesn't make me feel bad.

I love seeing her one minute running around with her dress in the wind and the next she's rolling on the floor in the mud and she has dirty knees but that's Iris and that is what I love most about her. She's your typical girlie girl but with a tonne of sass and a huge love for adventure. She loves picking flowers, finding seashells and picking up mud and sticks and it's just the cutest.

I'm going to start showcasing more outfit posts for both my children and what a great one to start with.

The dress is the Annabelle pink dress: ROCO CLOTHING
The shoes are the Maria shoes in pink: ROCO CLOTHING
The headband is the pink and ivory flower headband: ROCO CLOTHING

Roco clothing do both boys and girls wear and specialise in party, wedding, christening and special occasion wear but there's no reason why they cannot wear the clothes out everyday too!
Iris has such a huge range of different style outfits and i'm noticing recently how much she suits blush pinks and i'll certainly be buying more of these colours for her wardrobe in future.
She has always lived in headbands, hair bows and I think she'll need to add a few more flower crowns to her collection too - They're just too cute on her.

*We were gifted Iris' outfit in return for a review! All words and opinions are my own and honest*